Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Fought the Germs...

but the germs won.

Fought as long and hard as possible...but have failed miserably.  Pretty sure a GOOD night's sleep (come to me Valerian my love), some serious fluid intake (fresh juice and water) and a little less stress will do me up fine.

Dangers of children...those little creatures just breed germs...incubate Aliens.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And the Hunt Goes On...

for a new place.

The one we were going to take has suddenly been removed from the list...owner decided she wanted to sell instead.  Just as well I guess as Tanker was uncomfortable moving into the place while she was in the middle of a divorce.  I see his side so clearly now.

Two more places to take a look at this weekend, hopefully one will suit (and not fall through on us).  One in the country, one in town.

This has been, even so early on into it, the worst move ever.  And it's not even a "move" yet...finding a place that is worth the money has been horrible.  Hopefully, when this all starts again in 2 years or so when we're ready to buy, we won't have half the trouble and heartache.

As it stands now, we're slowly move who knows where.  At least we don't intend to move all out until May at the earliest.  I simply refuse to move the screamers during the school year.

On another note, got in a sample from Wise Foods that is going to get tried out this weekend...Chili Mac.  Not the youngest screamer's fave (he prefers his chili straight up) but he'll survive the trial run.  Eldest screamer can't wait and has been bugging the heck out of me about it since it came in.  If you've not tried them out before (like me) the company does send out free samples and a catalog to go along with the link up ^there^ or the flashy button over in the side bar...sample dealie is at the top of their website.  I'll post a review post trial.  Probably complete with pictures...go me!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rather Than....

torture you lot with the whole healthy lifestyle journey posts here...I'm putting all of them HERE.

Everything prep related to all of ^that^ will go on this blog (cross posts will be labeled as such), along with all other preparedness related things.  That particular blog is there because I don't want gripey emails about "hey, don't care about how hard the new lifestyle is or blah, blah, blah."  Or "really, that's what you're doing/eating/drinking?  Gross/stupid/can't believe it."

Feel free to follow along...if ya want.  Feel free not to...if ya don't.

And now...I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous clear skies tonight before the rain and cold comes back.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Little Something New....

a review!

These will be happening more frequently; they won't ever be incredibly prepared!

Today I'm going to ramble on a little bit about my Temp-tations (link over there to the left and a coupony deal thing at the end of this post).

^I've got that set^ along with the ovals and bowls.  I've had them for a couple of years.  I adore them.

They survived the move to and from Germany with no losses.  They work, plain and simple...and they look gorgeous while doing it.  In the 3+ years that I've owned them I've never once had something stick so badly that scrubbing was required, lasagna included.  They go from freezer to oven to table to sink/dishwasher without any issue (that I've run across).  My Mother-In-Law and Sisters-in-Law are forever trying to steal them during the holidays.  Tanker appreciates the carry racks and stackability during transport from car to house during said holidays.  I love that everything literally fits together for minimizing storage space.

Can they get pricey?  Sure, if you go for the whole she-bang.  But totally worth it.

I mentioned that they have survived me for 3+ years...totally worth it.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eerily Quiet....

Apologies for the slight abandonment...

I've been incredibly busy seeking out suitable habitation (size, price, location, etc).  And it has been one heck of a challenge.  So many emails sent out, so few returned.  You don't know a challenge until you attempt to find a place that accepts two not small dogs.  I ranted all over my FB but spared you hear enough rants from my strangely wired brain.

At any rate, challenge beat.

We found a place that will suit us quite well.  Location is pretty well perfect, price perfect, size alright.  We'll be downsizing a bit but honestly we're all good with it.  We've acquired more crap, of course, again.  Space will be at a premium, so there will be no room for stuff that is useless.

All of that being said, I'm excited to be moving "home."  It's the area that both Tanker and I were raised in; an area that we know very well.  Very well.

Now, lack of space (not in a bad way, seriously, we like the downsize aspect) in the new place (sleeping areas only really) is leading me to look at food storage a bit differently right now.  We're looking at freeze dried meals and the likes....trying to decide which to go suggestions would be most welcome here as the bulk of our experience is with MRE's and the couple of Mountain House meals we tried a gazillion years ago (purchased in the Wally World camping section).

Who do you like?  Flavor, cost, value?

Throw it at me!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Got the Cats High....

Sure did.

I thought you all might enjoy this...knowing that I felt bad for some reason today that I'd never bought the cats anything with I bought them mice (no bells thank goodness) laden with catnip.

I sit here, at 11:15 p.m., tired and ready for bed...all the menfolk snoring away...watching my exceedingly high cats running all over the place, chasing each other (yes, they each have their own mouse), making all those funny "sonar" noises and just in general being insane.  I could go to bed...but they'll follow me...they think I have more catnip.

They've been following me from room to room all evening.  Even the orange one that usually thinks I'm some sort of spawn from Hell that must be sent back.  He's been loving on me, purring...I'm pretty sure it's a ruse to lure me into a false sense of security before he slashes my jugular in my sleep.  Either that or he likes me now because I got him high.

I'm not sure I'll ever buy anything like that for them again.


Possibly if I'm really, really bored and need entertainment.

'Cause really, despite the noise, it's flippin' hilarious.

(Ad click time!  TIA!)
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