Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here Chickie, Chickie...

and it begins!!

Most of the stuff is moved over to the new place, with the exception of the kitchen and couch.  I'm trying to temper Tanker on taking it all as we've yet to get the fundage together for a full on utility switch over.  Deposits on the electric alone are going to run close to $300, then figure in propane at $1.69 gallon with a minimum order of 100 gallons...ouch.

But he's set on being out of here and off post ASAP.  Wants to have everything out at the 'Stead by the time he takes leave next month.  I don't really disagree; but there is that whole not having electric and gas thing which could present a little bit of an issue.  As it is, I've been neglectful in assisting Tanker with packing...the kitchen is my job (le sigh) and I've been informed that I should be getting started on it.

Sooooo, as a little self-motivation, I've struck a deal with an acquaintance that will result in my being the proud owner of 25 (yes, 25) three week old chicks by the end of next week.  Can't really have them here on post (boy wouldn't that be a hilarious explanation to the MP next door) and can't leave them unattended at the new place, so I shall get to cracking at what must be done in an effort to at least have 98% of the apartment relocated to the house.

That adventure begins Thursday, as tomorrow I go to finagle with some financial types in the hopes of obtaining a (oh good gravy) short term loan (no, not payday type) in an effort to speed along this dog, cat and chicken show.  It'll mean me having to hold on to the job until at least early December (unless by some miracle of any deity Tanker gets a percentage back from the VA before then...please, please, please) to be sure said loan is a goner before the new year.  So if you pray, pray...if you send positive thoughts/vibes, send 'em...I'm sure going to need them over the next little bit.

Monday, August 27, 2012


we've discovered that me working is moot, for certain...unless I ONLY work on nights I have school since I'll be up that direction anyway.  That's 2 nights a week...it'll pay for my gas to and from class at least.

100 miles round trip to work for $7.25 hr with no guarantee of a full shift simply is not worth it...not even in my rice burner.  Used 1/4 tank of gas going to and from on Saturday when we spent the night over at the homestead in an effort to get some of the yard/pasture/fixing broke things work done.

So I've let them know at work that I'm only available after class on the days I have class...should be interesting to see how that schedule works out.  Just as well anyway, since I have the feeling that I'll be needing to concentrate pretty darn hard on studying all the extra stuff that class won't cover fully.  I'm good with it.

Spent a little time at the 'Stead (really have to come up with a name for it) today painting and unpacking a little.  Flock of wild turkeys and a flock of bobwhites paid me a visit in the front pasture...right in the same area that the chickens (and turkeys and geese...if I can convince Tanker I NEED them) will be eventually.  Should make for an interesting spring!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Possible Interesting Development...

at work the other night...sort of got approached by a manager about taking up a management position.  I didn't say no, I also didn't say yes.  Management at a fast food chain has never really been in my plans...let's face it though, going back to work at McD's after leaving it 12+ years ago was never really in my plans.  They (aka management) know my classes and clinicals will take a lot of time away from work and that I plan on quitting once we're out on the place because the drive is not worth it...so I'm not real sure where this offer came from.  Don't know if it was said manager's frustration at the idiocy that was occurring at the time with the younger workers or if it was a legit offer.  Time will tell I suppose...will wait to see if the higher ups actually come to me with the question.  Though they have previously asked if I thought I might be interested...the whole thing has me wondering all in all.

As it is, there is plenty on the plate for the next couple of months anyway.  Moving, getting settled, getting to work on setting up the place as much as we can as fast as we can...all of which takes $$; which takes us back to the whole question of should I quit or should I stay.  Vicious flippin' circle, I tell ya.

I'm seriously just flat out undecided on the whole thing.  The dreamer/idealist in me says quit and focus on school and the homestead.  The realist in me says we need the money to get things rolling quickly and it's possible for me to do it all until there is a scheduling conflict with clinicals and work.  Add to all of the above the fact that I know how difficult it is to find a job period and there is no guarantee that I will find something in the field after I'm done with the EMT courses.  I suppose I can always just ask for a leave of absence until I'm done if it gets to be too much then pick up where I left off at McD's until something comes along for me as an EMT.

Le Sigh...being grown up is over-rated...decisions pertaining to the well being of family and home suck.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keys in Hand...

makes for a happy Momma and a happy Tanker.

Screamers aren't thrilled with the idea of real and true manual labor, but they'll get used to it.  They are in love with their new school; which starts tomorrow.  That means a 30 minute commute morning and afternoon until we're IN the new place but rather have them start the year there than have to join in a month later.

Yard work starts this weekend...drought killed or severely damaged a bunch of the greenery the landlord had planted and some of it just plain needs to be moved or be gone period.  There is a passion fruit (or maypop depending on where you're from) on one side of the house that has gone absolutely insane and is popping up ALL over the yard...want to keep it but need to get it under control somehow.

Off to call the electric, gas and phone companies about transferring and deposits!  On our way!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Downright Giddy...

keys to the new place will (or should) be in hand by next weekend...plans are to move stuff from here to there a little at a time over the month of September (between my work and all the school stuff) and be in place full time before the end of the month.

For those wondering, we're staying in the area...just buying a little place about 25 minutes from post.  Tanker will commute in everyday, I'll commute in for classes twice a week.  I'll be dropping the McD's gig around the end of September (if not sooner) due to having to start clinical hours and the drive to work (45 minutes) not being worth the pay or hours...not with gas prices on the rise.

Tanker is beyond thrilled...we spent two hours walking around Lowe's this evening and he's chomping at the bit to hit up the local farm good stores and do some pricing on stuff.  Plus there's all the garden planning he's been doing.  Nothing is solid with any of it, of course, as we've still got to test the soil and decide where what will go and when...but the whole dreaming and planning thing is doing him some good.

And now I'm off to catch some sleep...interview tomorrow that if it pans out will give me an early exit from the world of fast food!  Fingers crossed!!

Friday, August 10, 2012


I've been such a Debby Downer lately...it really needs to stop 'cause whiny gets you nowhere (to quote myself when speaking to the screamers).

So instead, today, I'll share plans and ask you...folks that have listened to me whine for entirely too long...to opine with me.

I'm considering doing some seed bombing in the pasture this fall (4.5 acres of it...untouched in the past 4+ years...back 1/2 acre full of blackberries and is where the orchard will be eventually btw).  If it were you, in a Zone 5b micro-climate, what would you bomb with?  I don't want to seed the whole thing, just be kind of random with it.  Don't know what I'm talking about...check this video out.

Yeah, we plan on visiting the Ag Extension office before we get into any major endeavors; so the bombing would just mainly be a little boost to hopefully provide a little extra forage for the only animals we'll have in place before next spring:  chickens (and maybe turkeys...even though Tanker thinks I'm nuts).

And there you have it...opine away!

P.S.  This one will set the computer type drones off....bomb and nuts in the same post.  bwahahahahahaha

Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Step Forward....

well, you know the rest.

Been scrambling hard to pull together the fundage to get into the new place thanks to the whole "hey, we overpaid you and we're taking it back now" thing.  Add to that stressor the landlady implying that she'd be more than happy if we backed out because she's "had several offers" on the place.  Um, you have a good faith deposit...why was it still listed?

Throw into the mix that Tanker pretty well acknowledged yesterday having PTSD but not wanting to do anything about it right now as it will set his MEB back...but he told his 1st Line (the SGT that is "in charge" of him who just so happens to be a Medic by trade) that he just wanted to be left alone and not be required to do the fun day things that they have the WTU do because he just doesn't like people anymore and crowds contain people.  Way to throw up a red flag...but honestly, I do hope they have him see someone even if it delays the paperwork.  I can't make him, but they can.  He's a sensitive (not that way), easy to stress guy and I've been privy to only a few things he experienced downrange...very little of it good.  I know it's affecting him more than he let's on.  Especially when he's said quite a few times lately that he's glad the eldest screamer is deaf and the youngest screamer's eyesight isn't the greatest because it means they are/will likely be exempt from service.  Definitely not the same Hooah guy he was pre-deployment.

On a lighter note...this upcoming move is letting me get a better idea of things to keep, things to sell and things to just toss.  I do have to point out however that we Americans love walls...even when they are useless and take away from the living space in the house.  That's one thing I miss about the place in Germany...walls had a purpose and weren't merely there to be there.

And now I leave you...gotta get some acceptable clothing on and make a run to UPS and the Post Office...these boxes won't mail themselves!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Liking Humanity Too Much...

at the moment.  Nothing specific really, just a whole lot of little things.  (Warning:  rambling randomness to follow.)

Sheeple; I see them on a daily basis at work.  You want to know how bad America's obsession with fast food is?  Go work at McD's for a month. I've been there about 2 months and know several patrons by name...what they will order...breakfast, lunch, dinner.  It's sad and pathetic.  Switched over to overnights recently and have been dealing with a whole different breed of stupidity.  Drunken fools.  Even more sad and pathetic.

Thankfully the day is rapidly approaching that will be my farewell to McD's.  School for me starts on the 20th, clinical hours start sometime around the end of September/beginning of October...that mean buh-bye to the fast food world (hopefully for good).  No way I'll be attempting clinicals and overnights...plus the 45 minute drive in to make $7.25 an hour (21 or so hours a week) is not worth it.  Not with the lovely price jump in gas the past week or so.

Still set to start the moving off-post process in September...screamers will be starting in the new school next week; which means a 30 minute drive both ways for me but with eldest screamer's special "he's deaf" stuff I'd rather them start the year off at the school they'll be in the whole time.  That drive I don't mind and it's only for a little bit.

Tanker starts class on the 20th as well; not the classes he wanted but he's being ordered to either take classes OR get a part-time job (for which he would not get paid).  The small arms repair internship fell through because of some shady hiring practices going on around post....imagine that, a dirty government agency.

Alas, I shall abandon you with the random ramblings above...my tired eyes require more coffee and I just feel the need to curl up with a good book and ignore the world right now.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke