Foodie Links

Ladies and Gents,

These are my most favorite places to haunt for food and recipes.

Blogs/Sites for chowing like me (a semi-Grok), in no particular order:

Real Food Liz (formerly Cavegirl Eats)
Nom Nom Paleo
The Lazy Caveman
Primal Toad
Elana's Pantry
Civilized Caveman
Balanced Bites
The Domestic Man
Rob Wolff
Slim Palate (my absolute total favorite and his book is on my WILL BUY list)
Mark's Daily Apple

Shop Like a Grok (mostly): (flours- Gluten Free and Regular - among other sundries) (more flours and nuts)
My Amazon Store (items I have, used, have tried and liked and/or will be owning soon)

As I transition over the lifestyle fully, I'll start sharing recipes (and since I rarely follow a recipe to the tee, any adjustments) with you on the it or not.  But I'm pretty sure you'll like it...paleo/primal actually fits very well with the prepping/survival life.  Seriously...I've discovered the secrets and I'll share them as needed!  I promise.

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