Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A bit stretched out...

right now! What with the summer time upon us, familial trips (out of state, in state, camping...the list goes on), school for me and now the garden popping up all over...I'm pulling myself a little thin all around.

I'll try to keep up regular posting, but you must forgive me if I go a few days (or a week) in between. There is so much for me to get done before the spousal unit takes off (sometime soon) to post unknown (as of yet) and the oldest screamer starts school of his own (now I'm thinkin' it wasn't such a bad idea!!) that I've gotta cut somewhere and unfortunately it's here.

I'll still be around, just not as much. I'll still post irrelevant information, just not as much. Heck, might even be a useful gem or two in here somewhere at some point.

Catch ya'll soon, I hope!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glutton for Punishment...

bright and early (well, before it even gets bright actually) in the morning, the spousal unit, the offspring and myself will be wheeling our way southeasterly to KY for a visit with the in-laws. It will be the first time in a year that they've seen the screamers...not by my hand, believe's their own choice.

So here I am, less than three days after a harrowing flight schedule hitting the traveling trail once again. See, I love this...I could so be a nomad. Wonder if that is a paid profession?

Well....I will be able to at least be online there for a bit. Have to actually since I have class stuff to do anyway. Might drop a line or two telling you how miserable I am, lol.

Have a good long weekend all!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Wow! That was by far the most interesting and fun week I've had in a long time. Quite informative as well.

I won't bore you with details, let's just say I had a lot of fun and plenty of time to think without interruption (which isn't necessarily always a good thing, lol). It gave me the chance to take a step back and have a good look at things (life, relationships, where we stand in general with home stuff, etc). I guess I am the kind of person that needs to physically step out of the situation to be able to assess it mentally.

In doing that, I've discovered that my life could be way worse (duh, knew that) and found ways to make myself feel useful. See that's what the problem was, I didn't feel useful. I don't 'work' so can't really bitch about money too much (but do). My 'job' isn't paid or very much appreciated for the most part, but it's mine. I've got at least another two years before I can/will even consider working outside the home's only fair to the littlest screamer to be home with him like I was the biggest. So the online schooling stuff for me is a step in the right direction for feeling useful. It begins on Monday (25th)...I should probably be nervous but I'm not given that my first two classes are cherry easy.

So, in short, that lovely (and I do mean LOVELY) vacation gave me a slightly different perspective and I'm going to run with it...can't do much worse than I've done before and it's a learning opportunity (always good).

As for Portland, let's just say that someday...someday...I will be a Portlander permanent or at the very least an Oregon girl. Gorgeous city, stunning countryside, great people...heck, I didn't even mind the chilly winds and cold rains. If you've never been, go. Next year, jebus/allah/buddha providing, the whole lot of us are going...may the Dust help me!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From the phone

Hi from Portland! Trip is going great, nice and relaxing.

Had a deja vu moment that I'll fill you in on when I get back...even though I feel like I should now. Heck, I'll do it now.

Remember a few months back when I wrote about a disturbing dream that had something to do with May? Well, it's May. Just like my dream, I am near mountians and someplace I've never been before. More odd is that yesterday in my wanderings of downtown Portland, I came across a small park that was familiar even though I'd never seen it before...while awake! This little park is the one from my dream...which weirds me out a little given I know what happened in my dream.

Micheal also knows, since he asked and I shared...whatcha think Micheal...should I be worried that I'm halfway across the country from home and the screamers?

In the meantime, I continue my wanderings of this gorgeous city.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Post....

from the home computer at least...until the 18th!!

For the safety and sanctity of my darling computer, I will be shutting her down and locking her up while I'm gone...little fingers tend to add extra hard drives that don't really exist and can't be erased when left to their own devices.

I have however learned how to post a full on post via my loverly I may be sweet and fill you in on a day or two of vacation. Or you can check in every once in a while on the Twitter thingy to the left...sure to be lots of updates there!

I won't be able to respond to comments, but will be able to read them via email (also on my super freakin' cool phone), so comment away when I post...if I post...nah, I'll post at least once, promise.

In the meantime, bag is packed up and dang if I'm not counting down the hours.

2 days
55 hours
3302 minutes
198166 seconds

Take your pick...they all point to the exact same time, lol.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here ya go HJ!!

As promised...the littlest screamer gathering seashells, lol. Sorry there's no video...he was on the toilet, the one place he can't run away when I start recording.


Oh and as a bonus, you can listen to the little smartass sing and be his usual sassy self if you want.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More TV to lay on ya....

in the form of a somewhat survivalist mindset...of course.

Out of the Wild : The Alaska Experiment

Have you watched any of this? Just curious what your take on it is. I giggled during the first episode at the decision to take everything offered to them in a pile of 'junk' (I mean please, a ukulele...the strings, yes but the whole thing, no) the end they ended up paying for that decision by having way more than they could carry for any decent length...wore them out, made them use up energy that they couldn't spare. Then the decision to take a 'shortcut' over a, can we say dumb?

All in all it's been a pretty interesting show so far. A few things that I personally would have done differently (see above for two big ones). If you haven't been watching it, the basis is pretty simple. Nine people get dropped off in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness at the end of fall (ie winter is coming on) and have to hike 60 miles out. Each one has a GPS that they can push to have a helicopter come pick them up when they feel like they've had enough (nice, can I have one of those for TEOTWAWKI?), they were given three days of bush training...blah, blah...basically it's a bunch of city slickers (for the most part) dropped into the super cold Alaskan 'outback'. I've found it a nice study in psychology thus far.

I don't often praise TV shows, but this one I will...let's you get a bit of a different perspective on others ideals of survival, what they are willing to put up with (ie hunger, cold, tiredness, etc), makes you think about what you would do differently and in my case, makes me see areas that I could use some brushing up on, like snares.

Anyway, is there anyone else out there watching it? Has it pointed out anything to you that you didn't realize you weren't trained up on or thinking of?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Bit of Hollyweird...(and other stuff)

that I'm actually excited about....The Road finally has a release date! Woot!

Love the book and so hope that the director/producers/everyone else involved did it justice. For me, it already has one thing in its has Viggo Mortensen starring as The Man. If there is one 'celebrity' I'd love to meet, it's Viggo. But I won't wax poetic on ya, just suffice it to say he rocks. Okay, enough Hollyweird.

The home front...a week to go before the big "I'm outta here for a while" and you bet I'm counting down. No, I'm not packed yet (puh-leeze I am queen procrastinator around here) but I do know what I'm taking. Lots of plans on things to see and do, but naturally I'm keeping things nice and flexible. No sense getting there then stressing out over not getting to do something in particular at a certain is supposed to be a vacation after all.

The screamers are back home and driving me appropriately crazy...along with their father. What's a girl to do? Run screaming into the dark and hide from the monsters!! Nah, I just take it as it comes mostly. They squealed the glories of the peas and butternut squash popping up in the parental units' garden, told me stories of the pumpkin and watermelon plants growing as tall as them (love those imaginations) and regaled me with tales of migrating snapping turtles. They are currently 'relaxing' in the tub (ie splashing around like giant tuna).

Tomorrow is lazy day 'round these parts. The sun is supposedly going to pay a visit, so I may just be the cool mom and take the screamers out on a walkabout. May even get adventurous and walk them into town for a library visit...maybe. It's only two miles...guess I could be cool mom tomorrow. I dunno. Sure, why not. A little library time, lunch at the park, a little playing in the creek then home for what will probably be a much deserved nap for me. It's all about adventure and for the screamers that will be an adventure for sure.

So, adventure it to join us? I promise, my boys don't bite...hard.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah, May Day...

no, not as in Mayday, Mayday we're going down...May Day, ya know, May 1st (I am assuming here that you do of course own a calendar and have some sort of sense of time...don't make me be wrong).

My May Day was lazy. No littles, they are with the 'rents...I hung around the house and puttered about a bit with my container garden. Well, I put dirt in the containers, weeded out the odd seedlings which were not edible and put out some seeds that should have been put out forever and ago. The chill is finally disappearing a bit from the air around here, so I figured it was a safe bet to lower some seeds in the ground...well, the pots at least.

I tend to err on the side of caution with planting in pots...don't want a sudden freeze or something to kill off the roots of those tender little darlings. Figured today was just as good as any for getting a few seeds out. Right now there are just butternut squash and pinto beans out. Though I did get a mite bit adventurous and used some of those 'just add water' peat pot thingiemajigs and set me up a window sill garden of spinach and mesclun...have it set in a nice sunny window, waiting for the sun (lots of rain here abouts the next couple of days). If it starts failing inside, I have a long window box on the balcony it can occupy.

Thinking of getting one of those topsy turvy whatevers for tomatoes. They have a knock-off at Wally World for about $8...including seeds (which I doubt I use since they are probably hybrids...I'll spend a little extra for heritage, thank you much). Trying to talk Pops into giving me the extra bit of leftover trellis he has hidden in the basement so I can build a 'fence' for the cukes and/or beans to climb.

Have I mentioned that all of my gardening this summer is container, on a balcony, in very few pots? Yeah...think I'll go snag a few of the pots Mom has tucked away in the basement. Oh, the balcony is plenty big...but only gets direct sun in the early mornings and afternoon. Might be a bit of a challenge to keep everything growing happy, but I'll sure give it the old college try. I always have the parental unit's garden to raid should I fail miserably. I sincerely hope I do not fail, lol.

Hope your May Day was as relaxing as to enjoy the rolling thunder that is playing a brilliant concerto outside for a bit!!
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