Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Change of Pace

You'll notice one of those (change of pace) here in the future. I've discovered in the past month that surviving and prepping entails more than just food, clothing and bullets. It's been a welcome discovery btw...interesting too.

Seems as if the spouse is actually going to pull through with his end of the bargain (aka lose weight and re-enlist). Don't start, it's what works for us. The past proves it and if anything I learn from the past where most don't. While I'm still prepped for several months of chaos in the food and clothing department, I've taken a turn toward not stressing about adding more. After all there is the distinct possibility that in five months we won't be in the same place (financial, home, country). It's been liberating in a way.

The screamers are excited about the idea too. Yes, I am a bad mother using my children's excitement and desire to be someplace new to my advantage. It prods the spouse to continue on with his pursuit of the end goal. Evil, I admit it. Add that to the Bad Mother's Handbook, I'll sign the page for you.

The change of pace will come in the form of how to prep and survive while being pretty much nomadic. We all know how often our military men and women move about. It's a challenge I look forward too, figuring out how to prep but still be mobile enough to change locations at the drop of an order. It does happen ya know. That means streamlining the household to bare minimum. Should be fun, right? Just agree with me and let me be delusional for a little while longer, okay. I don't HAVE to start the mental process just yet.

So there you have it...I'll add some of my experience over the past month a bit later on. I didn't know how close to crazy I really was/am. It's been one heck of a ride (no, not the political and world crap either).

Oh and wish me a Happy Birthday...I turned 32 today...woot...hey, this might just be a mid-life or something like that crisis. I'm enjoying it at least!


HermitJim said...

Well, Happy Birthday to ya!! If I'd would have known tht I'd have baked a cake for ya!

And only 32? Boy, you're just a spring chicken, ain't ya?

You have a good day, and congrats on the good news on the home front!

d.a. said...

Happy Birthday!

Ozark Momma said...

Thank ya much Hermit and d.a.! It's been a good day.

Spring chicken? Summer stock maybe, lol. But I don't feel my age, a couple of months ago it was, pretty much like I'm 25 again. Amazing what a little clarity can give ya!

Mayberry said...

Happy Birthday, and glad to hear from ya! I was startin' to worry! As far as the "nomadic" thing goes, ever think about an RV? Heh heh heh, I's a bit biased in that department.....

Ozark Momma said...

Thank ya Mayberry...don't worry about me, lol. I tend to take extended breaks from the net when I'm writing (no, it's not anything that anyone here would like, lol).

RV would work, IF the DoD would ship it for us, lol. Don't think they'd be to keen on that idea!

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