Monday, January 5, 2009

Too Much...

when does it get to be too much? Too much news, too much food, too much time spent?

I've pondered this a lot the past few weeks, especially since I found it so nice to turn off for a few days around Xmas. No news, no net, no plethora of information. It gave my brain time to recharge (and resulted in an overload of sorts, lol). After some relaxation and such, I found myself analyzing the situation of too much.

I had for a while there become so obsessed with world events and prepping that I forgot to live a little. It was easier than you think it would be. To patrol the net and TV looking for things to be ready for. It didn't much matter what I was looking for, I always found something. It became too much and too easy. It became a band aid to my personal issues and a substitute to living.

I now make it a point to check the news twice a day...once in the morning to see what happened a world away whilst I slumbered and once in the late evening to see what buzz there was whilst I played at being mommy. For the past week it has worked. I still have the blogs I read off and on throughout the day, but the news doesn't rule me as it once did.

Does this mean that I don't prep anymore? Of course not, but being as there is 6 months (at least) worth of goodies here, I don't feel that super huge urgency I once felt. Toss in the fact that according to our agreement, the spouse only has 1 year to get over his issues and get himself back on track to being a man (I was feeling generous, btw) and you have it that I don't particularly feel like packing up a half ton of foodstuffs when I leave (you can see the faith just oozing can't you). Sidenote: The same conditions apply to me...I am way out in front however as I have recognized most of my own issues and begun doing something about it instead of sitting in the recliner in front of the TV. I continue to buy food, of course, but not in the excessive amounts I was. There will always be that supply of extra, I am just prudently deciding not to expand it further at the moment.

Since I won't be focusing on actual storage and purchase, I'll be focusing on using those preps. Now we don't have hard wheat or any of the like (don't have room or equipment to deal with it) so no recipes or ideas for that, but I will share my experiences with making a variety of meals from limited sources. Plus, you will be the first to learn the results of any food, eh?

So when does it get to be too much? When you lose yourself to it or when you use it as an escape from issues that most sincerely need to be dealt with in your own life. We aren't all Heros...we can't all save the world...especially if we haven't figured out how to save ourselves. Breathe, prep and live folks.


treesong said...

Welcome back!

Good points to ponder.

Mayberry said...

I'd love to live. Just can't afford too..... Which is 90% of the reason why I prep!

Ozark Momma said...

Thanks treesong, glad to be "back"!

Mayberry~ ah my friend, take it from one who has been a little every single day. Just one thing that makes YOU happy. You don't realize how much it eats away to not live a little everyday!!

HermitJim said...

Gotta put a little life back into your living! Having some kind of fun each day and smiling at least as much (if not more)than you frown is important.

But then it's easy for me to say, being single and retired...

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke