Friday, January 2, 2009

Prepping of a different kind (for me at least)...

yet another part of the "get myself back" plan...I'm taking up backpacking again! I've not been on a serious trek since before the oldest screamer was born but darn it...I'm gonna do it this spring!

So, I prep. All new equipment being researched (since I have nothing of my old stuff anymore) and added to the list. New boots, new pack, new 1 person tent (to discourage the spouse from assuming he can go with me on my retreats...sorry, this is mine) everything!

"Well, where are you going in such an all fired hurry?" you ask. Olympic National Forest. Hoh River to Third Beach trail, with a few others being eyed as day hikes. I have until May to get myself back into prime packing physique. That means dropping roughly 30lbs (was 40 but I dropped 10 from stress this week, lol) and regaining the ability to carry a 30+lb pack on my back. A fair trade off for a week plus alone in the wild.

Oh the blissful peace and solitude, hours and hours of walking with the waves crashing on the beach and the sounds of the forest all there any better piece of heaven on Earth?

I've never done a real solo trek before, so it should be highly interesting to say the least. Plus I've picked a place leagues away from home...even more interesting, eh?

At any rate, if there are any serious packers around (or even the not so serious), give me links to some of your favorite gear...I am swamped here!


HermitJim said...

I think you have an OUTSTANDING plan !! Nothing is quite as nice as a good healthy dose of solitude. Trust me on this (the name IS HermitJim, right?)

It gives you a chance to get to know yourself again.I feel that is very, very important...but that's just my opinion for all it may be worth!

Good luck, my friend!

Ozark Momma said...

Thanks Hermit...I fully agree and have been more excited since making the decision to go than I have in MONTHS!

Anonymous said...

You might find the gear/supply description from my cross-Canada bike ride to be helpful.

In particular, I was really happy with the tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad I used. My cookware setup also worked reasonably well, though I'd tweak it a little if repeating the trip (as noted in the reflections on the ride).

There are some things on the list that would obviously make no sense for you to carry (e.g. bike parts and tools), but I found there to be enough overlap in gear and skillsets between the ride and earlier solo portage trips that there's probably something of value in there.

Mayberry said...

Rock on! That's a damn good way to spend time... And I must correct your "redneckese" whoopsie daisy. It's Awl-fired hurry, as in how us Texans (properly, ha ha!) pronounce oil. Awl! The proper pronunciation would be "awl-farred hurreh". "What'chall in such an awl-farred hurreh fer?" Sorry, I can't leave grammatical errors uncorrected (chuckle, chuckle)...... Somewhere, there's an Englich teacher rolling over in their grave, ha ha ha ha(snort)!

Ozark Momma said...

Thank you much rock! Canada, in three months? You are my new idol!! apologies on the bad redneckese, I grew up in KY but my northern grammar roots remained thoroughly intact, lol. I also don't say fixin' (ie fixin' to go) because I am not fixing anything, I'm getting ready too..lmbo!

Jayce^ said...

Ahh the olympics, much of my teenage years was spent hiking through them. That Hoh trail is a beautiful one for sure.

What I wouldn't give to be able to spend a few weeks back puttering around up there, heading up the Elwha was one of my favorites, but because of vehicular limitations, I'd usually come out on the East side, often in the Dosewallips are similar areas.

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