Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dream a little Dream

Dreams...ah yeah...the kind you have at night and the kind you hold in your heart. One real, one not...but which is which?

From the time we could understand speech we were fed the "American dream"...I must have been wire wrong or something because it didn't really appeal to me completely. Now as those things that were preached to us begin to fold, where do you stand? Still implicitly believe in that "American dream"? The world's biggest lie.

My dream has always been a bit different, it evolved to include the screamers as they began to grace me with their presence and has further evolved to cover both the spouse being here and him not being here. Flexibility in achievement, that's what it's all about right? Naturally, the fact that I haven't a consistent job makes the planning a bit more difficult and , to me at least, a little more fun in the creativity department. I'm sure that I will and can find a way regardless to get close to my version of the "American dream". It will probably look more like the "medieval dream" by the time things finish crashing, but I'll take it.

Now onto other type of dreams...the ones you have while sleeping. I didn't realize until yesterday morning that I either hadn't been dreaming or hadn't been able to remember my dreams in weeks. Very odd for me as I often have vivid dreams that usually result in a deja vu moment in my waking times or give me an idea of things to come in the future (usually months to years) that directly impact me and mine. I didn't miss them because I was stressed out of course, but once I had one it made a huge impression.

I'm still chewing it over but suffice it to say that since the spouse's "plan" (snort, hehehe) is to re-enlist, this one stuck with me pretty well. Let's just say more chaos on our soil provided from your not-so friendly "we hate America" countries to the East and West (you do realize that technically they have us surrounded?). It reminded me of a Pearl Harbor style attack, out of nowhere. It felt soon and in the dream I was alone, don't know exactly WHERE spouse was but knew the screamers were with my folks...could it be this year while I am out trekking in May or in one of the subsequent years when I take off on my lonesome to do the same? Dunno, just thought I would share. Take from it what you will.


Mayberry said...

I don't usually remember my dreams the next day, but sometimes I do. You are right that the "American Dream" of a McMansion, 2 car payments, and a house full of crap bought on credit is a lie. It's worse than a lie, it's a trap. A prison. It is designed to control the sheeple. To keep them toiling away at some job, in order to keep up the payments on everything. It's designed to feed the beast system it's monthly diet of your hard earned money, and it's designed to keep you trapped in a never ending cycle of spend spend spend. In a word, it's slavery.

You are wise to have seperate plans for different situations. I do too. The best one involves all 4 of us, and then there's a contingency plan for just me, though it does allow for the rest of my family to return if they were so inclined.

It does suck being caught in uncertainty, as I am, and I just wish I could get some sort of closure, but things drag on.... It's both our faults, and it all lies in emotion rather than rational thought. Emotion sucks sometimes, it stands in the way of doing what's right a lot. Anyhoo, sorry to blather on. You ain't alone in your struggles my friend. We're all here for each other! Hang in there, and you will be shown the way. Everything works out eventually.....

Ozark Momma said...

No worries on the blathering Mayberry...our issue is emotion-based for the most part too so I see where that is though the spouse's insistence that things can go on as they are/were is a big issue too. Hence the multiple plans.

I shy from the ones not involving the screamers but know deep down that it has to be dealt with. They are young but not made of steel and much as I hate to think that something may happen to them, I still have to deal with it.

Staying Alive said...

Please send me the particulars of your dream. It sounds fascinating.


FarmerGeek said...

Since when does is the American Dream supposed to be a single dream for everyone? The American Dream is the ideal that you can do whatever you want and whatever makes you happy. For many throughout the years, the Dream was owning your own home, not owing anyone anything and being sufficient and responsible.

But so what if one person's dream is to own a mansion with 2 cars or whatever? It doesn't affect you, its not your life, let them do what they want.

James Truslow Adams, "The Epic of America", 1931, is the originator of the term the American Dream. The main thrust of the definition he gave is that it is about acheivment and recognition based upon innate ability.

Don't say that the American Dream is a lie. Its not. Your Dream may be different from someone else's, they may not have been told or taught what they need to do for it, but the Dream isn't faulty. You don't blame words, you blame the speaker. You don't fault the Dream, you fault the Dreamers.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke