Monday, December 15, 2008

Now that is Survival!

I love my family...adore them with every fiber of my being. They are a trip that few would enjoy, but I relish the time with them. Every year I marvel at the fact that I survived. Growing up in such an odd family, I have no right to be alive...really, lol. But I managed. And it is fun!

Family Christmas went over with lots of fun and laughter, of course. The screamers kept everyone dully entertained and all got to their homes afterward safely (always a bonus) before the ice and rain began to take hold in it's various locations. We sit here now in 14 degree coolness, enjoying the quiet of our own home (note: we didn't have to travel far as the parental figures only live 2 miles or so away). Rules were followed by family in the "no battery" department. The screamers received learning games and play rugs (Candyland and a Tonka truck thingy).

The in-laws even followed along. The screamers received their holiday goodness from KY with joy. Clothes, a little bit of candy, a handpuppet each and a toothbrush each. Poor deprived kiddos actually squealed with glee. Makes a momma proud. More importantly, makes a daughter-in-law proud that after all these years she is being listened to! So the quickly growing screamers now have a few more warm clothes to add to the closet. Reminder to self: I seriously think it is safe to sort through the outgrown/summer stuff now.

The weather is moving in on us this week, really showing that it is "that time of year". Snow, ice, freezing rain and sleet tossed about by some serious wind. We are ever grateful for our kerosene backup and oil lamps. We've not had to use them yet, but feel better knowing they are HERE instead of elsewhere. The only down side is that the spouse can't work/drive in the mess (he does deliveries by trade) especially in the "hills", so he missed out on work today. Bound and determined to go tomorrow though, as we really can't afford to lose the money. Plus his holiday bonus (however small it may be) is there waiting for him. That is the final touch for gifts for the screamers from the jolly guy as well as a bit extra to pick up one or two smallish things we've been eyeing for prepping.

We're also not so patiently waiting on the gift cards the in-laws sent to the spouse and myself. Straight to prep supplies though I may treat myself to some new tee shirts. The spouse is thinking on getting me a dehydrator for Christmas, I'm planning on a bluing kit for him.

The littlest screamer asked for a puppy for Christmas. I so wish! Unfortunately we can't here. Maybe next Christmas.

I'll drop off here, as it is nearly bedtime for the munchkins...feel free to give me some ideas about what to spend my holiday gift on!

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Staying Alive said...

Get a bunch of T-shirts and store half of them away as preps. I started the clothing thing yesterday with 3 pair of blue jeans. You gotta have clothing for yourself as well as the kids. And do not forget your husband! He needs clothes too!


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