Saturday, December 27, 2008

Have I told you...

about my ferocious appetite for books? I'm sure I've mentioned it in passing, but not at length. I've decided that it's important for me to share this, as books are my passion (knitting falls in secondary to them) favorite thing (other than family of course) in the world. It's important for me to share this for two reasons:

1.) It will explain my online absence since Christmas Eve
2.) The passion of reading is a sanity saver when there is nothing else to do

Naturally point #2 can/does apply a bit to prepping, there will be things that you need to save your sanity. So that justifies my obsessively large reading selection in a way that most people don't think of.

Point #1 was brought about by a simple, single book purchase that the spouse made. He doesn't read anywhere near as much as I do and it is VERY rare for us to share the same taste of books. I love just about anything classic (though Wuthering Heights does bore me to tears and I've not cracked open War and Peace in a gazillion years), pretty much all of Anne Rice's work (specifically the Mayfair Saga and the Vampire Chronicles), the Harry Potter series, anything remotely Shannara related by Terry Brooks, the EC series by J. Auel and the more recent acquisitions (see further on in the post) to the household. The only true book passions the spouse and I share are Stephen King, Harry Potter and the newest members of our little library. He is more of Dean Kootz kinda guy for the most part. We have an obscene number of books.

The reason I gave the above information is to show the pretty extreme differences in our reading (well, my reading, lol) and that there is very little that we share as reading passion. Until recently. The latest series added to our library thoroughly entranced both of us. The spouse used his holiday gift from the in-laws to buy a book that has been impossible to get at the local library (a leap for him since he usually does the library thing first). I've had an aversion to the series because it has a massive teenage following (have you guessed yet) or we would have bought the first book sooner. The spouse devoured it (rare, very rare for him) and insisted I read it.

Let us push on to say, I am now hooked. My absence for the past four days is because I've been wrapped up in the Twilight Saga. Yep, it grabbed me. So much so that the spouse decided he would treat me to the remaining three books. He brought the last two home on Friday evening. I handed back to him the last of the series this morning (Saturday), finished. Obsessive, completely sucked in...I could NOT sleep until I was done. And now I'm ready to start the whole series all over again.

It is not rare for me to do that with a new book, but 4 is definitely something new. I don't know what possessed me, other than it really is a good series. Perhaps because it's been forever since we've gotten a new book. Maybe it's because I desperately needed a break from the "real" world. I've not looked at the news (either online or on TV) since the first book hit my hands. The break has been refreshing in the sense that I spent a few days in a mindless, numb state that didn't make me feel there was something that I needed to do NOW. I had a vacation from the panic, anger and fear that the news sometimes floods me with.

My only problem now is that I've torn through the new books and am stuck with re-reading my favorites until the spouse finishes. Not a big problem really but what I really WANT to do is read beginning to end, one after another with no waiting. Finish one, start the next. That is my most favorite way to read a series.

So I patiently wait, another week or so, for the spouse to finish (I have mentioned that reading is troublesome for him, that will explain the time). I think I'll spend the next week reading over something slightly more relevant to prepping just give my brain a fantasy break. Guess it's going to be Square Foot Gardening this week, not that it will keep me away as fiercely....I'll still be around to ramble at you!


Mayberry said...

I'm the same way with a good book, can't put it down....

HermitJim said...

I just KNEW you were a reader...I could feel it! What a wonderful feeling to discover a new author and read a great new book!

Books will be going with me to the desert, no doubt!

Preparedwarrior said...

I have a book in every room of my house, in my car and one at work. Always ready to be able to read. I buy them and hide them away because I tear through them so quickly. Sometimes I find one that I simply forgot. I will never be a kindle user or a fan of an audio tape. Love the way a book feels in my hands.
I am puzzled by people who don't read books, or read anything for that matter.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke