Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Inspired by Micheal

So I commented on Micheal's Earthquake post tonight, mainly about the last paragraph concerning food stamps/government assistance (now named SNAP). I know that I'm sure to catch a buttload of flack over my thoughts, but in truth they are logical. At least to me they are.

I firmly believe that if you have paid into the system (ie taxes) then you should use the system. They use you, return the favor. It's your money that is used to support these programs, if you qualify to use them then by golly USE THEM!! Now is not the time to pander to those feelings of pride, not if you need the help.

As I said in my comment to Micheal, I'd rather see a hard working American that needs the assistance get that assistance than those that pay nothing into the system, flaunt the fact that they aren't here legally and abuse it all get that assistance (not in so many words but that is the gist of it). We used to live next door to a house full of the later. It made me ill. Still does to think of it. So illegal, tons of under the table cash and yet they received housing and food assistance. How, I don't know...but they did. The screamers and I would traipse down to the Square for some ice cream and pass by the office. I immediately recognized our neighbors cars (yes, several cars for several families each receiving assistance and living in one house). A blind eye was turned to this. Still is as far as I can tell. But that rant is not the reason for this post.

You may be surprised by what you qualify for. Our little family of four qualifies for nearly $400 a month, so says this calculator. I'm thinking it's time to re-apply (used to get them way back when the spouse was unemployed). It sure would take a load off of us to know that we have that money to apply to preps and free up our regular cash to pay things off quicker.

Sure, it puts us on the radar. It also puts us closer to our goals of being totally independent in a round about way. Use the food stamps to build the preps, use the cash to pay the bills off and start building. It is using the system to get things done quicker, therefore getting us to a better place quicker. The hoop jumping required is a small price to pay.

The key of course is to use them responsibly should you qualify. Every shopping excursion I am subjected to standing either behind or near a recipient that isn't awful responsible. Frozen dinners by the stack full, sodas, candy, sugary cereals...the list goes on. I cringe to think of what healthy, storable foods that just one stack of those dinners would be equal to. I know, I know...not every one has the time or skill to transform from scratch ingredients into something edible. Seriously though, it isn't hard to make biscuits. Doesn't take much more time to make a cake from scratch instead of a box. Personally, I like freshly cooked meats to pre-cooked frozen things covered in gravy...just a preference.

I think I'll call the local office tomorrow and see about making an appointment. It's worth the risk to me. Just one month of assistance would buy us three of storable foods. They are our tax dollars after all, and we are legal born and bred American, think we'll tap into that particular resource for a bit. It is about survival after all.

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MeadowLark said...

Do it. That's why it's there. Especially when you are smart and buy wholesome foods, you're really maximizing your dollar.

It always amazes me the people say "oh, I took nothing from the government". Um, you're paying for it... if you qualify, USE IT!!!! Before it's gone, I might add.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke