Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's To-Do (and some ramblings)

Nothing political or much gloom today. I just don't have the energy for it AND I'm sure there are better blogs for that anyway. Deep thoughts and all. Just some meandering thoughts about my day and the plans I have. Not that many will be fulfilled. The screamers are in rare form today, as if they actually sense something.

After using up a bit of the 4 sugar pumpkins I roasted up in pancakes this am, I decided to finish the mush off. Today's to-do:

~Roast the last pumpkin
~Bake up some pumpkin bread
~Can the mush that is left (there is sure to be a bunch)
~Dress the screamers and take them outside to run off some of this killer energy that I've not yet figured out how to bottle and sell.

We won't be doing any of the Halloween type stuff, the oldest screamer is a little jumpy AND it tends to set back all my teachings of don't take things from strangers. We won't be missing much I think, we haven't in the past 5 years. That's fine by me, to darn chilly out there at night!

Secondary to-do:

~Dishes from breakfast (I'm slacking)
~Finish picking persimmons
~Pull out all the outgrown summer/spring clothes, box them up for the nephew
~Check sizing on all the winter stuff
~Finish up the youngest screamer's mittens, start the oldest screamer's mittens
~Final pre-shopping check of the preps

I got 5 buy one get one free coupons in the mail yesterday for those Starkist tuna bet your sweet bippy those things are going straight to the preps. No can opener needed (unlike the other 10 cans we have, lol). The spouse is bringing home the paper today, I'll be hitting the sale bills to see what could be worth buying and adding to the preps. All the shopping is gonna be done on Sunday...couldn't pay me to do it any later in the week for obvious reasons. I've got the sinking feeling that Wednesday is going to be more than many are betting on. Should be interesting to say the very least.

I do all of our shopping once a month. If we run out, we make due (this very rarely happens, btw). This month is no exception. The only exceptions, things that aren't a normal monthly purchase, are a couple of turkeys. I usually only grab one every few months, but I think I've finally made enough room in the freezer for two this month...if not, I will. Besides, never hurts to have an extra bird or two, right?

I look forward to the day that we can "grow our own" birds. Something other than a garden (with too many tomatoes) to fill the pantry. Not that a garden is a bad thing, but you hopefully see what I'm getting at.

Just trying to stay at a comfortable pace today, especially since I had to force myself out of bed this morning. A sign of the times I suppose. Sigh...gotta get thinking and working on Christmas too. Thankfully I have enough fabric and yarn stuffs here to get through a nice homemade/handmade holiday without much fuss. Now I just have to get the motivation to actually do something!!


MeadowLark said...

You know, I hadn't really thought about Wednesday and what it might bring.

Perhaps I'll get my groceries this weekend as well.

Peace to you. Be safe.

Survival Chick said...

I have a quick question for you, you mentioned pouches, what do you think is better, can or pouches?

Ozark Momma said...

SC~ Taste wise they are pretty much the same. The pouches do have those "fancy" flavors though...we don't do those as I have issues with tuna not tasting like tuna, yes I am strange, lol. Storage space wise, pretty much the same. The cans stack, the pouches don't stack well but you can fit them in smaller spaces.

The bonus with the pouches is no draining or can opener required. Cans you can drain and mix in whatever in the can itself so no extra bowl or container required. Though you can do the same with the pouches.

Really, it's a draw for me. Except in price. I've found, at least in these parts, that the cans are cheaper.

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