Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back from the Trenches

A nice little self-imposed vacation from the net and I'm set good. Not that I was able to avoid the news, of course, but I was able to reset my center and get a clearer perspective of where we, as a family, stand right this moment in the current situations that have the rest of the world in a tizzy.

We're lucky in ways that didn't seem lucky a few months ago. We currently rent the place we are living, we don't have a traditional bank loan for the land we are buying (ie cash/money order payments directly to the seller), no money in investments since last November when the spouse lost his job and we pulled the 401k, we've been living paycheck to paycheck for ages so we know how to keep the wants in balance with the needs and the what-can-we-gets (a trick that many, many an American will soon be re-learning or learning for the first time in the coming months/years).

I never, ever thought that we would be celebrating our knowledge of lean times. But lately, they seem to be a boon and we enjoy that. For once, we are in more control of our situation than we have been in a long time, while so many others sit biting their nails wondering about what will happen. We don't. Well, we do wonder but we don't worry anymore.

No, we aren't so comfortable that we can blithely go on with our lives with no consequences. We do have to worry about job loss, getting the land set to build and building as we go. Food, of course, will always be a worry even though we are fully prepped now for at least 6mths if need be.

On a less about the "crisis" note, we spent the last two weeks happily plunking walnuts and hickory nuts in buckets (btw, any idea of what to do with hickory nuts? cookies? muffins?), hunting turkey (got two so far) and watching the persimmons closely for ripening. The screamers are enjoying the cool fall days and woodland wanderings.

Off to watch the debates folks...later!


d.a. said...

You can make a nut flour to add to baked goods, such as breads or desserts. You can also use finely ground nuts in a batter for lightly fried foods like fish, or mix the ground nuts into hot cereals like oatmeal for additional protein.

MeadowLark said...

I KNEW I'd seen this somewhere!!!


I've spent all morning searching for the link. Peace.

Ozark Momma said...

Thanks to you both!

Just wrote down the recipe Meadowlark, thanks a ton.

treesong said...

I crush any kind of nut into a "nut flour" and sometimes mix various "nut flours" together. They are stored in blue glass canning jars with zinc lids and an oxygen absorber in each jar. Adding a little to cereal, cookies and cakes is second nature around here. And last week, I fried up the last of my garden's zucchini by dipping it in a beaten egg and coating it in nut flour. The flour is also a good thickener in stews and gravies and the energy shakes I make. Enjoyed your two most recent posts. Treesong

riverwalker said...

Hickory nuts can be prepared and used in the same way as pecans - pies, cookies,pralines,etc. I have pecans but no hickory nuts. Hickory nuts can be used instead of pecans in most recipes that call for pecans.


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