Friday, October 24, 2008

A few little things

Going through the pantry and supplies, I stumbled on a few things that aren't biggies or must-haves, but are nice to haves that I don't have or am almost out of. Whew! How'd ya like that fun little sentence?

At any rate, I figured I would add them here as they may be a jolty kinda reminder to someone else that hadn't really thought about them. If you have plenty, yay...if you are like me and keep forgetting to pick them up and your supplies are dwindling then darn it, get them before it's too late!

Baking cocoa (how in the world would the oldest screamer survive without hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate anything...really I'm kidding, he doesn't get that much's for me)
Cooking wine and sherry (plus it's good to have if you run outta the good stuff)
Sesame oil (adds that extra umphf to chinese dishes, not a must-have of course)
Irish Breakfast and Spiced Chai Tea (my own personal treats)
Odds and ends spices and herbs (I like to have plenty on hand, some I'm down to one unopened bottle on and I don't like

I've got to pick up some extra sugar and flour while the prices are below $3 for 5lbs (ridiculous, btw), more olive oil, more shortening...and on and on. I keep adding bits to the list for getting more supplies in the pantry. This winter is shaping up to be ugly in more ways than just the weather. The more foodstuffs I have on hand, the happier I will be. If the spouse happens to get his hours cut, then we'll not starve. That is where I think everyone should be, but alas so many are not.

Oh...I almost forgot. Went to visit with my aunt tonight and found a whole new treasure trove of hickory nuts. Gotta take the screamers up (they are the nut gatherers in the family) and let them have at it.


Shy Wolf said...

MMMMM, gotta love that chocolate! My preps include a LOT of Swiss Miss, especialy with marshmallows- those itty bitty things that sooo make hot chocolate!
Sugar, as well as being a wonderful item for personal use, will be a charmer for barter in probably every situation, as will salt and pepper. (Remember the neighbor sending the kid over to borrow a cup of sugar for that recipe when she was out?) You may even consider some dark sugar, which has saved my pancakes more than once when they syrup supply went drizzle. I'm not certain how many use powdered white sugar for cooking other than frosting, but it works well for barter as well, I'd think. Also, having 'more than enough' olive oil will be a blessing, IMO, since it can be used for everything imaginable concerning cooking.
Good blog- kep it up.

Mayberry said...

All good stuff to have. And adding a little "Irish coffee" to that Irish breakfast wouldn't hurt either! Heh heh heh.... Sure takes the edge off of those chilly mornings...

d.a. said...

If you haven't started stocking it already, extra salt is a good idea too!

northgal said...

Salt is wonderful! I can't live without it...literally! but I make sure it's iodized as being in the Northern section of the country I don't get (nor could I afford) alot of ocean fish which are loaded with iodine which helps prevent hypothyroidism. Nuts are in season and I am stocking up on various varieties, they keep well, will add crunch to my holiday baking,salads,granola and I love to grab a hand full several times during the day. I am encouraging my son to really "Stock up" this winter for himself and his father (i am divorced) as his sister and her family don't and we usually get an "sos" saying her pantry is low...can't let the granddaughters go hungry. I make alot of chili in the fall so I stock up on beans, and tomatoes etc. Keep up the neat blog.

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