Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Put on your waders folks

I am fortunate enough, or perhaps unfortunate enough, to be able to listen to any mid-day bullshit spreading by the government as it happens. Today was one of those days. Enter Treasury Sec. Paulson, with his hip high bullshit boots on, telling the "details" of the "rescue". I understood what he was saying for the most part, but it still pisses me off. The court of public opinion was disregarded, I believe, in the passing of this plan. Many politicians have said the negative opinions of the public were due to the public not understanding.

Perhaps that is so. But did they bother to educate those that didn't understand? Um, nope! They just pushed it through, despite the unhappiness of the public, trying to save their own asses in the process while only slowing the pace of the strangulation that we, the American public, face. This "plan" won't do what so many ferverantly hope it will. With not only OUR economy crashing, but the rest of the world feeling the pinch, this "rescue" will only prolong the pain. It's already been said that the effects of the plan won't even begin to be felt until early next year and the housing issues will continue to flounder about until late next year.

So why the pushing and the speed of the plan getting signed into action? So that His Highness Bush can leave office with a clear (or somewhat so) conscience. Yes, I realize that all of the mess is not his making, but he pee'd on the same spot on the carpet as the rest of the dogs making the stench and staining even worse.

I am beginning to fall into the catagory of those that believe that our government, as it exists now, will fail. Think Rome or Ancient Egypt. Perhaps even Imperial Britian. While Britian didn't fail completely, it is by no means the powerful, far reaching empire it once was. Rome and Egypt? Well, they spiralled into darkness and history much the way our current form of government is beginning to spiral. The main difference is no invading hordes...yet.

Perhaps we've had a good run as a country in the form that we are currently in. 200+ years. Not too shabby, not the longest run, but not to bad.

What am I getting at? A nice return to the principals that this country was founded on. As they were written. A total call of the public for politicians, our ELECTED officials, to be held accountable for every vote, bill or proposal they present. For the House and Senate to vote on ONE thing at a time with no goodies thrown in the mix. No more of the "I'll add this in if you give me that". Those little clandestine acts and additions have slowly made our country the mess that it is today. It is time to get back to the basics folks. In more ways than most think.


MeadowLark said...

As far as single item - single vote:
{raising glass in a toast} Here! Here!

Or, more colloquially... NO SHIT! WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE.

molly said...

I agree wholeheartedly OM, and posted something similar a few days ago, post called "take a breath".

I look forward to a greater simplicity with all the rewards it will bring!


d.a. said...

Say it, sister!

riverwalker said...

What's a politicians favorite food? PORK!


The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke