Sunday, November 9, 2008

A weak week

Okay, so longer than a week, but dang...I was down and down hard for three days with some kind of coldish cough flu thingy...that's the best I can describe it. Knocked me flat on my butt for one full day, couldn't even muster up the strength to play in the warm weather with the screamers. Got over it pretty quick though (thank you onion syrup, Valerian and OJ).

Did manage to get to the polls on Tuesday (decided to go along with the parental figures and take the screamers along for educational purposes). I won't go into the thoughts that were swirling in our house on Tuesday night. Many were off on the same tangent this week anyway. Our thoughts were not racially motivated (hey, the guy is HALF white), we have issues with lack of experience...143 days out of 4 years and no military experience...we are a former military family that strongly believes that the leader of our country should at least have some sort of military training (bomb making with buddies is not one of them though I did have a lesson in MRE I won't share). You see where this is going, so I'll stop here.

So this week I did a little shopping and found canned turkey...never seen it before but then again I don't usually look for canned turkey. Picked up 2 cans for $1 a piece just to give it a try. I don't like forking over hard earned cash on things that no one wants to eat, so we always do a trial run first. Canned some pumpkin, dried some pumpkin seeds for next year's garden, canned chili and homemade soup too (Mom's pressure cooker is coming in handy for me now, lol).

Cut off the net, using a freebie for now...tried going without the phone until the spouse pointed out that we need it for interview notification. He's attempting to get on at a local factory, we aren't holding our breath what with the massive unemployment rate and all.

Just settling in now to start some sincere work on holiday gifts for the screamers and the spouse...may even find time to knit me up something (not that I need anything, but a lacy scarf makes a girl feel like a girl after all).

Keep preppin' all....winter is way closer than it seems (see the Dakotas after this week's loverly snow).


d.a. said...

Many thanks for voting! And I hear you about having a "weak week"... didn't do near the amount of schtuff that needed to get done. Here's to a new week and another opportunity!

Stephanie in AR said...

That same thing is going around our area too. Knocked me out but so far the kids have been ok. Thank goodness it seems to pass quickly.

Mayberry said...

Glad you are feelin' better! Prep on and stock up. Dark times are comin'.....

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