Tuesday, October 21, 2008

phhhbbbtttt (or blowing raspberries)

The phrase of the day: Economic Stimulus

How we say it in the USA: San Fransico, Bernanke & Bush, Bernake & Bush part 2 and last but not least Pelosi

How they say it in Germany and Japan.

I'm so excited I can hardly breathe, wait maybe that's me holding my breath in anticipation...nope, I just remembered...I'm holding it to keep from smelling the stink.

I can't imagine that a second "stimulus" would do much to stimulate. But then again, if they time it right every Tom, Dick and Jane would be out blowing it on overly extravagant holiday gifts just in case this is "the last good Christmas" they have for a long time. You know who they are, the ones with iPods, iPhones and whatever other new gadget there is out there permanently glued to them. I have none of the above, matter of fact the 'puter I'm clunking this out on is about 6yrs old. Still works fine, so I keep it around.

My real thoughts on a "stimulus" are fine, go ahead...the hole has been dug, time to toss in the body of work now. I can use it to shore up preps, pay on the land, get a few tools (hand powered kind) and numerous other things to get us on the path to "getting the bejesus outta here" to our own place when it all comes crashing down. Stimulate me! LOL

The news around here: We are currently in the throes of potty learning...not me I learned years and years ago, the youngest screamer is. It has been interesting to say the least to revisit this fun little trip. Not doing to shabby for a tiny fella but man I sure wish there was a switch/button that I could hit to just do an instant switch. I really dislike playing "where's the poop?"!

Also had a nice long talk with the realtor today about the bungalow. Um, no thanks! She was nice, honest and very straight-forward...how refreshing! Turns out that the guy is only selling for the cost of the lot (btw, that is for a 50x100 foot lot) because the house has been gutted by fire. Little too much work and no thanks that is too much to ask for that little bit of land, not when we are paying $3k less for nearly 4 acres. Don't think so.

A few headlines that grabbed my attention this morning:

Well crap, what am I going to do with the huge set of tusks I have sitting in the kitchen now!?!

What an interesting way to say thanks for the one night stand.


MeadowLark said...

If I get a stimulus check I'm blowing it on stuff, that's for sure!!

Let's see, superpails with lids, grain grinder, another water barrel, and the list goes on. So I'll be helping the economy. Good for me! :)

Mayberry said...

50x100? That ain't big enough for a decent garden!!! Go for the acreage, park a trailer on it, or get a big shed from Lowes and flesh it out, maybe a cargo container...... Dragon would suggest a yurt! Or build a cabin. Whatever. But definitely go for a patch of land!

BigBear said...

A good use for the next stimulas check would be to donate it to your favorite blogger : )

Ozark Momma said...

Same here Meadowlark, same here!

Mayberry~ oh, we're already making payments on the land, just can't build until it's fully paid. So we wait and plan the next move. Looking at a two-story barn shed from Lowe's or one of the local shed guys. Spouse wants to build a cabin, but I think we'll get the shed first and build the cabin as we can.

BigBear~ I'll keep that in mind, lmbo!

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