Thursday, September 25, 2008


according to this article that is what the "bailout" will cost the spouse and myself.

Let me put that into OUR perspective. That is the total cost of the 3.5 acres we are in the process of buying, something that will take us an entire year to pay off at our current payment amounts. That pretty much equals the entire amount that we've spent on vacations in the past 13, all together...13 vacations for actually LESS than the bailout cost. A new car/truck for the spouse, a pull behind travel trailer, 126 weeks (WEEKS) of gasoline in our one vehicle, 1155 packs of socks/underwear/t-shirts, 1732 gallons of milk....etc.

You see where I'm headed with this right?

No, I don't go for the "bailout". The whole smelly mess pisses me off to no freakin' end. These screwballs we are "bailing out" are getting a HANDOUT, imo. A handout that they don't deserve by any means. How about they make those big execs fork over the millions of benefits/bonuses they've been reaping for years? Now that would work for me. Use your own damn profits to get yourself out of trouble, isn't that what every small business in America has to do? Do for themselves out of their profits, make a run of it or fail. Wall street has had a good run, but they've doomed themselves with shady business practices and like any other shady business they need to fail.



Anonymous said...

Ozark I couoldn't agree more and posted recently something similar on my blog.

Time we all got more prepping done, this global fallout whatever they do is not going to be pretty.


Ozark Momma said...

Thanks for stopping by Molly! Love your blog, wish I was where you are, lol. I've always wanted to be in admitted "Thornbirds" addict here (the novel, not the movie).

We're about as prepped as we can get for at least the next two weeks. We're set foodwise for at least 6 months now, but I alway feel there is room for more!

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