Tuesday, September 16, 2008


On a trek out earlier last week, the screamers and I discovered approximately 7 fully loaded persimmon trees at the edge of our favorite route. I hadn't paid much attention to them before, as they were fruitless the last time we passed by, but they certainly caught my attention last week.

The fruits are already full-sized, awaiting the first good hard frost of the fall to ripen, and the trees are simply laden with persimmon-y goodness. They sit on the perimeter of a glade that I am most certain contains even more yumminess. Weather permitting, the screamers and I are off to explore said glade this week. A nice little picnic, a bit of wandering. I'm actually looking forward to it, pathetic eh?

No harm becoming more familiar with the area around the rental, as the current financial issues here though not as grand as the issues in the "world" are setting us back to next summer before we are well on our way to actually being on our land. There is unfortunately not bail out for us, we are required to keep our vehicle in the fuel and in decent running condition on our own as well as pay the rent, utilities and buy food. Oh if only my name were Fannie and the spouse was Freddy, lol. We will survive howeverand have a buttload of persimmons to deal with once they are ready to go.

Thankfully, the recent drenching we received followed by the lower temps have put an end to my own personal green bean hell. 40 plus bushels of green beans is more than enough for this year, thank you very much. The tomatoes have not yet quit, the watermelons are in full swing of PICK ME, the eggplants seem to have enjoyed the brief stint of cold and are once again in bloom and the green peppers are happily producing more fruit than I can currently keep up with. We have been blessed with a bountiful enough garden this year that we've been giving away what we can't use or put up. We could have sold it at the Farmer's Market, but honestly WHY would I want to go through the hassle of filling out the paperwork so late in the season? They close down in October as it is, so we were just as happy to give it away to the elders at church that couldn't garden this year.

The theme for our house the rest of the month is camping trip prep and finishing off the fall/winter wardrobe for the ever growing screamers. I swear, the oldest is already growing like a teen at 4yrs old, I'll never keep up with that boy's clothes!

Got any good ideas for storing, cooking, whatever persimmons? Send them my way, I'll need them!


kiwano said...

I haven't been reading your blog for terribly long, so I'd like to ask if you've considered much bicycle use for avoiding fuel costs. I've got my bike rigged up with enough baskets to comfortably carry groceries for a family of 4 (and a baby seat too), and find that I only need to use a car about 5 times a year. For those 5 times, I rent, and the rental cost, combined with the maintenance cost on the bike still come out to a fraction of the insurance cost for an owned car (never mind maintenance, fuel, and parking).

Staying Alive said...

There ae plenty of Persimmon trees in our area. And I ate one a week ago. Delicious. Did not require a frost to complete it's ripening. Most people freeze the pulp round here. You would have to get on the Internet and have Google tell you where to read for other methods.

You are doing well and I hope your kiddies all grow like weeds and are healthy as all get out. This country needs some decent kids.


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