Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a Fall

it's shaping up to be! The temps are a whopping mid 70's this week (supposedly, we shall see), we had the hottest day of the summer around here over Labor Day and we are jumping right on into leaf changing time.

The trees have that lovely pre-change green to them, ya know where they have a yellow tint to the green that just hints at fall. The sumacs are slowly changing to that fabulous burgundy that stuns me every year, walnuts are going lemon yellow, Virgina creeper has been turning too...shocking red.

The screamers have been busy at the folks' place with picking up walnuts and tossing them in the drive for the inevitable crunch of tires to de-hull them (de-hull, lol...I like that), I've been cruising the fields and woods hunting down some useful "weeds" to add to the herbal and diet, the spouse is putting in extra hours to get the rest of the bills paid off in anticipation of the something that we both feel is coming. Cash is King afterall and debt will not be a friend in the near future (not that it ever is).

While we await the winter, I've been busy doing what I can to keep us toasty warm with a single kerosene heater should it come to that. Spouse has been picking up kerosene a bit at a time the past month, we have enough now for a solid week of total heating should the electric go out. I've been whipping up some window quilts, adding to the warm section of the wardrobes, working on knitting socks (I'm going for no heel easy to knit things) and of course working with the oldest screamer on his ABC's and 123's.

Spouse and I have been digesting the sunspot news and reminiscing about the last time there were so few. Remember '93-96? We do! Floods in '93, I distinctly remember riding over the bridge in Wickliffe (while they were building the new one) and watching the water lap up over the sides. Winter of '94-'95, ice storms power in some parts of our area for over a week. Winter of '95-'96, ice storms again only this time I zipped through the parking section of my drivers test (I was 18 then btw, lol) on a solid 2" slab of ice. Good times, good times. That is what we are expecting from this winter too. If not, we won't be disappointed but we will be prepared.


Mayberry said...

I remember the winter of '93. It was the first time it snowed in Virginia Beach in years. Lucky me. I hate cold, that's why I live down here in North Mexico (ha ha). I went through winter in Great Lakes IL, NO THANKS!!! Gimme sun! Gimme heat! Unfortunately I think we're in for it this winter. Contrary to popular belief, it gets COLD down here on occasion. Had a guy from Minnesota tell me he had found the coldest place on Earth, Port Aransas Texas! 40 MPH north winds and damp air make for bone chilling conditions.... Yuck.

kookster said...

"I've been whipping up some window quilts, adding to the warm section of the wardrobes, working on knitting socks"

That is awesome, it'd be nice if I could get some prepping help around my house.

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