Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well now

We've had an interesting day or so haven't we? Man, am I ever glad that there is no 401k or stock ownership in this house! While saving money is a priority, neither the spouse nor myself have had much faith in investing for quite sometime. Seems to have been a good type of mistrust, eh? I won't beat on that one, there are enough of us blogging about that particular panic.

But on to things of a better nature, or at least things that matter to us, when we travel through the pantry and stores. With the half a cow and whole pig set to move in over the next few months, we are full (with the exception of the subject of tomorrow's post). A fantastic thing that will let us start filling in the gaps in the non-food type preps. Spouse will finally get to buy that new gun he's been dreamin' of (Merry Christmas my dear) and I'll be working through the wishlist of things that we COULD do without but if we can get them now why wait until we need them and have to scramble to get them. Yep, bigger sized clothes for the screamers for next summer while they are on clearance (ones that I can't make myself), same for the spouse and myself, a new tent (ours is alright but we sure would like to stretch out to sleep), more camp items, another kerosene heater, the ability to make candles...wait, can't buy that one better just learn it.

My task is simple over the next few weeks. Enjoy the nice cool weather with the screamers before it turns too cold to be out long. Oh yeah, and work on a easy to fix and easier to pack into the cooler menu for the 4 day camping trip we'll be enjoying in a couple of weeks. Got any suggestions?

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Patricia said...

You might want to check out Freezer Bag Cooking at


I give you the link but can't say I've ever cooked anything that way myself. I bookmarked it thinking it was a handy thing to know, a good idea for eating meals while in a hurry or traveling or camping.

Have a fun four day trip!

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