Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holy Sweet Crewcuts!

Okay, that title has zero bearing on this post...just felt like putting it up there, ha!

Long time no writes...yeah, I know.  Never fear, I've not been hiding away in a hole forgetting everyone (some of you will notice more than one "German" visitor to the blogs), just been embroiled in a battle of wits and words with the Soldier's "higher ups" due to Soldier being injured and kept downrange for un-godly and unnecessary amount of time.  I can point you direct to a little bit o' guberment waste in how his stuff was and has been handled but let's just say things are finally moving along as they should be and Soldier is doing better with PROPER treatment (ie not being made to do things he physically shouldn't be or can't be doing or being told by "leadership" that he's a fake and/or shamming).

At any rate, now that things are slightly more settled (for now) around here I can get back to this little chunk of web.

Topic jump!  Comparisons:  Food prep amounts here compared to food prep amounts in the States...lower.  Not that we scrape for meals, just that there isn't 6 months plus stored up right now.  Reason being that frankly if TSHTF here, it won't matter the amount of foodstuffs stored.  Things go super south, we'll just have to play it by ear.  That big green fence "separating" us from our German neighbors won't be enough of a deterrent to truly guarantee that we'd be squatting in spot.  Worse comes to worse, my bad German (speaking is bad, understanding is just fine) would come into play during a melt into the country kind of scenario (hence the brushing up).

Comparison #2:  Smaller car here means smaller kit for the car.  No more big tote in the the essentials are packed in a small basket like tote that the Europeans love to pack to and from the shops.  Enough to get us through a day stuck more, no less.  In winter there are extra emergency blankets, water, snacks and the whatnot tossed in, as well as a real live quilt.  Thinking on tossing in the old tent to just have back there year is 10yrs old, used and wasn't well taken care of by it's previous owners.  A breakdown is inevitable, so a tent to pitch isn't a bad thing I guess.  It's not being used for anything other than taking up space in a closet right now anyway.

Topic jump again...sorta.  While I love it here (Germany, not this particular duty station...this exact spot kinda sucks, just sayin'), I'm looking forward to the next duty station (as of yet undetermined).  We're debating the pros and cons of each offering, while the Soldier looks to change his MOS (isn't call for Tankers when tanks aren't being used after all).  I'm personally all for Lewis-McChord....Soldier is undecided.  We shall see.

Now, onto adieu for the time being...working on debt reduction (whole 'nother post) and my time off is out!

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Mayberry said...

Good to know you're still breathin'! The biggest part of prepping is adaptability. Never know what's gonna happen, or where, or when. Gotta tweak things to fit the situation, and sounds like you're doing a fine job of it.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke