Thursday, January 30, 2014


last week the youngest screamer came home from school with some sort of rapid attack stomach thing that knocked him flat.  It lasted about 3 days.  3 days of me griping at him about not eating.  3 days of him making rush trips to the bathroom (and it wasn't vomit).  By the end of day 3 he was hungry and everything was more solid.

I was so certain we (Tanker, Eldest and Myself) had dodged the bullet.


Yesterday (almost a week later), Tanker and I got hit with it.  Tanker still had an appetite.  I was having flashbacks to my pregnancy with youngest screamer...flashbacks that involved food smells and me hanging out at the trash can while cooking.  Yeah.  The males ended up fending for themselves while I practiced mouth breathing to keep from having to smell.  Dinner for me was an orange.

Today I am more human.  All the males are out of the house so I've not had to yet test whether or not food still stinks.  Mainly because I'm not hungry still.  Water and flat Sprite are my friends today.  Unfortunately Tanker has class until late and won't be home until nearly midnight....this means I cook tonight.  Crap.  No, no crap...please no more crap.  Sigh.

I also get to clean the kitchen from yesterday's male sponsored fiasco.  Yay.

That might just be the only thing I do today.  And it might just wait until after I take a nap.  I'm exhausted from a lousy night's sleep and an early morning.  I hear the quilts a'calling.

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