Friday, January 3, 2014

So Far....(and a Giveaway of sorts)

this winter we've been spared the worst of the weather here in our little piece of KY.

Last night resulted in a bit of ice and about 1.5" of snow.  Sunday is shaping up to bring more (as of yet undetermined amount) and some seriously, seriously cold temps (-30 KY?  Weirdness).  We're as ready for it as we can be, so no worries.  I might even thaw out one of the 4 (yes, 4) big turkeys in the fridge and roast it up so we can have all the turkey goodness (leftovers, soup, etc) that we missed out on Thanksgiving due to celebrating elsewhere.  Sounds like a plan!

The funny thing is, where we are in KY, doesn't usually get to bad this early in winter (that I remember)...normally it's mid-January before we see any serious threats/action.  Dang that global warming...oh, excuse me...climate change.  Sure, we had ice and snow my Senior year of High School (and the year following) that knocked out electric for a bit...but overall this year seems colder earlier to me...and with more snow.  But like I said, we aren't overly worried as we have alternative heat/cooking sources and plenty of supplies to see us through.

Good thing too as we discovered that, despite being fairly heavily traveled, the road that runs by our house is not one to get "taken care of" as quickly as we thought.  Bonus to that is that it's been fairly quiet today...surprisingly.  But then you would think not too many folks would want to be out in the middle of a lake fishing with such crazy low temps and would think.  Still, there were several vehicles playing to and fro on the road to the marina today.  A road with a huge downgrade that is shaped like an S with a sheer rock face on one side and a 90ft cliff on the other...covered with snow and spots of ice.  Dedicated fisher-folk or idiots?  Your call.

Tomorrow is supposed to be semi-nice though, so I will finally get around to taking all the holiday decor down to the basement along with a few unpacked boxes that contain items not vitally important to our survival.  I'm determined to downsize and clear out that spare room but have decided that taking everything to the basement so the room is cleared and usable is more important right now.  The plan is to bring up a box or two every couple of days, go through it and ready the stuff that isn't staying for donation.  Tanker will then drop it off on his once a week trek to the City for class.

Here's where it gets fun....for you.

Is there something home-related that you've always wanted that you've never gotten because you couldn't justify the expense or make yourself buy it?  If so, comment below with what it is....if it appears in one of the boxes, I'll mail it to of charge. 

This of course means I'll be emailing you at some point if I've got it so that I can get your address for shipping, so don't be surprised if in 3 months you randomly hear from me.  There ya go...spread the word. have NO idea how many boxes remain in that room and the sort of stuff that is in them (ahem...entire sets of silverware, candle holders, glasses, kitchen gadgetry, etc.).  So the more the merrier!

ETA:  If you don't feel comfortable posting a need/want in the comments, email your wishlist to me at phoenixflats AT

(P.S.  Don't an ad if you would...the one below this post works.  You don't have to actually look at it or buy anything...just click.  Danke!)


kurtrer said...

whatcha got?

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Too much! lol

I'll let you know once I actually tackle it. Spent today working on a 1040x for last year where we're still trying to get back the taxes they took out of D's severance pay. Along with some letters to creditors that shouldn't still be creditors.

Mayberry said...

36 down here in north Mexico, er south Texas I mean : ) Very unusual, yeah Al Gore where the hell is my Gorebal warming?!!! As far as something household goes I'm pretty well set. Though I do want one of those sideways can openers, the manual type. But I've got a couple of the regular kind so I've never bought one.

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

I used to have one of those Mabe (2 or 3) but have found them to break WAY faster than the regular kind so don't have them now (I think).

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