Saturday, January 25, 2014

What the Polar Vortex Has Taught Us....

Us being me and mine.

The Polar Vortex (hereafter referred to as PV) has shown us a multitude of things (and no, it's not "over" as so many have been weather persons locally).

It has taught us that the decision to not buy this house (and to move closer to Tanker's chosen educational institution) is a really, really, really good decision.  It's not the ice or really big problems with the road per's the wind.  The wind this year has been something else.  No big surprise.  PV has brought several days of doozy winds.  PV bringing said winds has allowed us to learn that this house, newly "built" on top of an old foundation (original foundation is strong, btw), leaks like a freakin' sieve.

The "energy efficient" windows leak (improper installation or insulation...likely both) so badly you can sit and watch the mini blinds sway.  There is a nice, rather large, gap between the floor and the baseboard in the dining room area that sends a breeze flowing across the floor when the wind is blowing from that direction (currently PV has some nice gusty winds blowing from all directions...she's bipolar).

The finish work is shit in this house as well.  Carpet (new and expensive) is coming up at all the thresholds, the "floating" wood floor is floating should see the waves when you walk across it...drywall tape and seams popping through the paint job (oh, which was applied over drywall dust so it has interesting texture in some spots), there is no caulk around any of the bath related stuffs that should be caulked, the bathroom sinks both leak and I can't use (because I can't get to them due to the size of the refrigerator) a good chunk of the kitchen cabinets.  Poor layout and more.

I seems like I'm reaching...but for the price we pay monthly AND the end asking price on this place, I frankly expect it to be worth it.  It is not.  I giggle because this is supposed to be the landlord/builder's crown jewel...his big ticket building.  Prime vacation home property.  On the surface, it's beautiful and wonderful.  Just what many would want in a vacation home.

PV came along and showed us all the things that a vacation home owner would not have noticed just yet.  And I think that landlord/builder knew that these would be issues that would pop up eventually...probably the reason he wasn't overly keen on a one year lease (he wanted 6 months).  I'm keeping track of issues and will hand him the list when we inform him (in May or June) that we will not be purchasing.  Will he be happy?  Likely not as his crown jewel with flaws will be on the market in a neighborhood with houses the same size with more amenities (hello, private dock and a garage with more land) and a cheaper sell price.

The screamers have been a hard sale with the next move....they love the school (as do I) and are tired of moving (as am I....for now) but they've come around.  They enjoy being able to go out and do things....we don't get to do many things now because of location AND having to make sure that extra cash is always available in the event of the one working vehicle needing something/anything so Tanker can get to and from school.  So, sharing with them the monetary and thing doing benefits was a necessity.  It worked.  They are on board and ready to go now....patience is not their forte.

As it is, the hunt is sorta on for a place in the desired area.  There are several that would to just hope we have the same options come time to move!

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