Saturday, January 11, 2014

Been Derelict....

in my clearing out the kitchen/storage duties....still.

There have been some fairly important decisions being made about other stuff and that particular area has been put on the back burner (again)....fairly easy to do when all I have to do is shut the door and not look at it.  Also, the gathering of paperwork and writing of letters concerning the "stolen" taxes just seriously burned out my brain for a few days.  Slowly getting back to my normal.

On another note, there looms a j-o-b interview (first round) for me.  Tuesday.  And it's not fast food or retail positive thoughts on that would be most welcome.  It would be the perfect fit for my future plans but we all know that Murphy lives with me so expecting the unexpected is expected.

Just thought I'd drop a quick life update in here today...have a bigger post planned for later (maybe tomorrow) about the "fairly important decisions" and how they relate to our preps and plans.  We're still not 100% sure how but that's why I have you get to point out the holes!

Have a good weekend all....I'm off to work on some more lists...HA!

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