Friday, July 17, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen:

A Garden Update

I have been invaded. Well, okay…not me personally but close enough. At my request, butternut squash was added to the garden this year. I bought the seeds, handed them off to the father figure and let him go. Unfortunately, father figure thought that more is best and planted 10 (yes TEN) hills (or whatever you want to call them). At this very moment, there are about 20 butternut squash that are just a few days from picking and probably close to 100 in various stages of growth. Invaded!!

Don’t even get me started on the tomatoes…cucumbers…pumpkins. The first crop of zukes didn’t do to well, only 4 hills survived long enough to bear and of those two are now defunct. Never fear…there is a whole new set (12 hills) that should start bearing soon. Green beans…not so many as last year, but then Pops didn’t put out as many either.

Back at the townhouse:

Six tomato plants, spinach and random leaf lettuces thrive in a big square pot. Two cuke vines hang above…nothing bearing anything…except the spinach and lettuce, of course.

Thus ends the garden update!!

Now, onto a few things I’ve been pondering…besides the meaning of life and our blue marble’s place in the universe...I’ve been having some random jumping around thoughts and thought I’d just toss them out in a list.

• One semester into school and I’m already rethinking my major…typical.
• I read entirely too much…books, blogs, newspapers, websites, opinion columns
• Closed captioning cracks me up…seriously. It’s best on commercials, by the way.
• What would it be like to go on a ghost hunt? To actually seek out spirits instead accidentally running into them at odd times?
• The spousal unit is actually pretty funny and witty…either I’ve rubbed off on him or he’s coming out of his shell after almost 14yrs together.
• The eldest screamer’s school supply list is redonkulous….I really don’t understand why these things are required in order to teach him: wet wipes, 2 boxes of tissue, 1 box of 13 gallon Glad trash bags (please note the BRAND name is listed). Thinking the 1st grade list is even worse with serious name brands on there and specific colors of certain things. Really thinking that we may go ahead and homeschool after all.
• Why does the youngest screamer speak like a kid from Beantown? You should hear him say girl, car and beer…you’d think we lived in Boston.
• We need to go camping or hiking or something…okay, I need to…but every single time we make plans, something happens. Guess we need to stop planning.
• I need to meditate more. All these random thoughts hit twenty at a time it seems and I forget half of them before I have time to think them through. Got to calm the crazy.

Ahh the random madness…what would my life be without it?


Mayberry said...

The garden sounds great! As far as "name brand" school stuff, no way... If THEY want name brand crap, then THEY can buy it. Besides, it all goes into a box and gets "redistributed", so I ain't buyin' Crayolas just to have my kid wind up with the generic crayons little Paco's mama sent in....

So you've a child, in the Ozarks, that says he's "in the yahd, not too fah from the cah"? And likes Beeyah? Interesting....

madmaddy said...

I envy your garden. Mine is puttering along, lots of green, but 'nutin showing.

I know what you mean about random thoughts. I swear sometimes I must be adhd. I have all these things i want to do, but start 20 and finish two. ( IF i am lucky) I am not working right now, so not really any excuse.

Pumkin has been out of school for a bit, but can remember getting the 'list' and cringing each time. Every little thing they want us to supply, cuz they dont have the $$, but hey, they can afford to teach chinese mandarin at her school as an elective. hmm.

by the way, I like Beeyah too! lol

HermitJim said...

Sounds like the "Boston Boy" needs a good dose of summer fun! A camping trip and some fishing , unplanned, may be just the thing!

BTW, the random crazy thoughts are what keep us sane (or close to it!)

Ozark Momma said...

Oh yeah...the garden is slightly insane, but I am far from complaining!! The more she grows the less I have to fork over money for come grocery time.

As to the school crap...well, I'm going to be Ms. Bitch and call the school. Time to find out exactly why they need me to supply tissue and trash bags in order for them to teach my ain't gonna happen!!

Ozark Momma said...

Oh and the kid with the accent...I swear I don't know how in the world he came by it. I don't have one at all, neither does the spouse or my parental figures. It's just plain weird, lol!

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