Saturday, July 18, 2009

The End is Near!

I know what you're sure is!! But I'm not talking about that end, I'm talking the end of my first official semester back in college. Nothings changed since my last go at this...except I'm spending way more time on classes and way less time out all night at the Waffle House. Hey, looks like I may actually accomplish something this time...woohoo!

Next Sunday, I turn in my final projects...thank goodness. Then next Monday, I start a whole new set of classes. Fun ones, like Critical Thinking (aka Debate in an online form)...yay! We know that I can pick a topic and chew it to death if need be. Should be a cinch.

Funny enough, I've got yet another Communications this semester. Please oh mighty school gods let this professor be not quite so anal retentive. Of course, I probably would have been way better in this past one IF I had actually been enrolled on time (school glitch NOT caused by a computer...go figure...human error). But hey, people are stupid. Anyway, I'm all ready for the next set...already gone through the syllabus and have about 1/3 of the homework and junk done already. Just call me an overachiever. hahaha

On to other things...who the hell turned down the thermostat outside?!? Ma Nature dumps a ton of rain on us all spring, then turns up the heat for 11 days the temp is hovering around the 70 degree mark (if we're lucky). Not really complaining except...damn, it's cold!!

The screamers don't mind, except they can't swim right now (seriously the wind is just way too cold). I don't mind 'cause it keeps those damn biting flies at bay and the spousal unit doesn't mind because he can go for his now daily six mile runs without melting (six miles...damn...with nobody chasing, no).

Ah well, hope you lot have some decent weather...rain when you need it, sun when you want it and cool breezes on your backs while you play in your gardens!


HermitJim said...

Hey, good news on the schoolingQ Sorry about the weather, although I would be glad to have a bit of that 70 degrees around here!

We did get some rain over the last two days, and we really needed it...believe me!

Mayberry said...

Hermit said it! Send a bit o' that coolness down our way! Good job Momma...

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