Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Impressions

On “The Colony”…so far so good. BUT (you knew it was coming) I naturally have a few critiques.

Why the need for electricity ASAP? Personally, I could think of other things that would occupy my mind. I understand the need for light at night, but I think I might have worried more about the fact that there was only enough food for 9 days…just a personal preference and all…that need for feed.

I do have to give them props for making a water filtration system first off, then they improved on it by making it bigger…then (wow, I’m really impressed) they figured out that grabbing rain water was quicker than hauling ass to the river everyday. Impressive, really it was…all in the first couple of days.

As for the players of this little game, no real impressions yet other than on one by the name of Mike. So far he shows promise as a bit of a tyranical, male chauvinistic ass. I could be wrong but when he gains pleasure from the division of chores into man (anything tool related) and woman (anything household related)…well, it kinda rubs me the wrong way. I know, I know…the world is full of them. But seriously, he is a bit of a control freak that’s a bit bitchy…so far. We’ll see as the weeks roll by.

If you aren’t watching it, go ahead and do it. Tuesday nights at 9c on Discovery…we can compare notes. Yes, I’m encouraging brain numbing…but only in the interest of possibly learning something or maybe seeing something that in all of our prepping we may have overlooked. Sure, sure…you got it all covered. I know.


HermitJim said...

My favorite part so far is when someone came up with some coffee and a way to brew it!

Even old Mike was more mellow for a I would be!

I like this series so far!

madmaddy said...

I think I will be watching this. You are spot on with ol mikey. Will be intersting how long the ladies will tolorate that. Hmmmm the gals are prepping the food....and hes being a jerk? I think I would be real nice to them. Whole lotta nasty could end up in his just saying.....

Ive been to the LA river and it never looks that good! I dont think I would be drinking anything from that place, will the sand and charcoal keep out the antifreeze and motor oil too?

Is there a reason they havent been to houses that are empty and pick up some chow that way? water too. Flashlights, weapons. If the population is wiped out, its not like you are stealing, or did I miss something?

Anyway have to say I will be watching.

Ozark Momma said...

HJ~ Knew you'd love the coffee part! Just knew it!

Jen~ I totally agree with the checking out other places thing. And the Mike better watch his chow thing too, lol. I'd hope that the filtration system they built would keep the yuck out, but they have medical staff and such off screen at any rate. If things get too hairy there is a safety net. Not a true test really, me thinks.

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