Monday, July 27, 2009

The Butternut Chronicles

Have begun! Right this moment, I have something like 8 cups of roasted and scooped butternut squash awaiting attention…and about 10 more squash waiting to be cleaned and roasted. Why me? Because Mom isn’t in canning mode yet…no massive amount of ripe tomatoes to play with.

So, I’ve been playing around with recipes and testing them out on the spousal unit and the screamers. Seems orange is not a color that the screamers enjoy unless it is fall…go figure! Tonight I’ll be messing about with interchanging all of our favorite pumpkin recipes with the butternuts…we shall see how that goes. Personally, I’m loving the different taste so early in the year…I’m sure I’ll be sick to death of them long before the vines die off and stop producing. In the meantime, we have plenty…probably too many (as usual) and they will soon be getting handed off to folks at church.

Not so much with the green beans, peppers and zukes this year. The male parental unit didn’t add any goodies to the ground this year. Which is sad given that they are surrounded by fields FULL of free manure. So the crops suffer. Well, most of them at least. Tomatoes and butternut squash will not be in short supply.

In other news, I’m over my ranting bitchiness concerning familial opinions. I figure that one post griping about how one gets judged worse by family than anyone else is enough. Besides, why bother…I don’t have to have approval…I’m an adult in my own little world and I like it here. No you can’t come in…well, maybe…I’ll talk to the voices and see what they think…lmao!

The next week or two will be a little hairy around here. The spousal unit goes in Thursday to see if that last 1% of body fat is gone, gone, gone. Fingers crossed that it is...I'm so very ready to be away. Not that it matters much, we still have to do the whole housing waiting dance...and you know what the Army creed is..."Hurry up and wait."

So, you lot throw some of your favorite butternut recipes my way...would ya? I know I'll need some inspiration sooner or later!!


Mayberry said...

All I can say is that it's damn good grilled with other veggies and some meat...

barefoot gardener said...

Hi! Just found your blog....and like it.

As for squash, I do a veggie bake with ours. It's not so much a recipe, just a 'throw it together' kinda thing.

I take squash, kohlrabi, potatoes, carrots, onions, and rutabaga (really, whatever I have on hand) and cut them all into bite size pieces. Toss with some cooking oil and season salt and bake at 400 deg until everything is tender (usually about 40-60 min). Even the Sprouts love this one, and it is really tasty. I have even frozen it in the past with fairly good results....

Thanks for sharing your cool blog!

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