Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hmm...see ya Big 3 and a huge rambly rant

At the time I'm writing this, word is that Congress will NOT be bailing out the big three. One senator, I can't remember who, put it rather bluntly (and I'm mind does not trap everything you know) that the public would not stand for much more, there would be a rising up against it all.

Um...duh!!! There is already a rising up from those that actually pay attention. Not arms as of yet, but a plethora of words and speech. How about they hop on the net and take a look at what the public really blogs. It's not difficult Congress, really.

You type in bailout, then you hit search...if you have the nifty Google toolbar you can just hit the Blogger button. You'll get a fairly wide range of opinions there, vocal and concise. Read Congress, Read. You want to REALLY know what your voters think and want...ask them, read what they write, listen to what they have to say and for goodness sake if you value your cushy job...DO WHAT WE ASK!!!

Now is not the time to go looking for more places to spend money that you don't have in order to "help" our economy. Let the damn thing fail, let the credit boom blow up and let us learn a lesson in greed and gluttony. Maybe, just maybe, we can get back to being the country that we should be and need to be. Anyone, myself and the spouse included, that owns/owned a credit card, bought on speculation or gambled that the house that was outrageously priced and you just had to have would be worth more in a few years, is in part responsible. We should all take blame. I stand up and say, part of this is my fault. I owned two credit cards, both now closed and paid in full, that contributed to the credit mess. The credit mess has made the economy what it is.

The credit mess will make it keep on getting worse...why? Because as people find themselves with less money due to job loss, price increases or any number of problems resulting in less coming in, they will turn more to their cards to pay for perishable items like gas and groceries. Creating more debt with nothing to show for it. A vicious cycle that sucks the life out the economy and the card carrier.

So what do you do? You learn to live on what you have coming in. Cut up the damn cards, pay a little extra ($5 a month) on the balance to pay it off, quit buying freakin' Pringles and microwave pizzas and buy some real food. Stop going out to eat every weekend, think about how much those meals cost then take a look at what you can get at the grocery for that price, buy real food and cook it at home. If you can get by without it...don't buy it.

It's so simple really. But we have been programmed to no longer think simply. Everything has to be complex or "too hard"'s NOT. You make it difficult by refusing to really try. Don't you worry though. The day is coming that you will not have a choice. A simpler, harder but more rewarding (to me at least) lifestyle will be forced upon you. Sparkly new is not always better...get used to the idea that you won't be able to get that shiny new toy and you may, just may, have to live like the rest of us. Can you handle that truth?


Mayberry said...

That's what I've wanted all along.....

irishdutchuncle said...

part of the problem is that the credit industry was able to get the usury laws repealed or was able to bypass them with the help of their flunkies in congress. it's legalized loan sharking, and consumers are practically under duress. we're conditioned, you can't live in the modern world without a major credit card. you can't travel, can't rent a car...

ozark momma, pat yourself on the back for paying them off in full. lots of us just get crushed, and then only the lawyers end up getting paid.

d.a. said...

I truly fear for our country in the months/years ahead. Just paid off the last of my consumer debt as well. Am glad to have been cranking down on spending habits and such over the past couple of years.

Ken said...

...good post...congress critters listening to their constituants is a pipe for the credit cards,mine has been paid off long ago,been cash-n-carry for years,the only 'note' i have is the mortgage.When the 'stuff' gets to the point i deem necessary,i'll quit sending 'them' the money order...i'm not as 'prepped' as i should be for TSHTF,but once the $$ from the house pymnt goes to 'preps' i will be that much closer to my goal.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke