Monday, November 17, 2008

Here we go again...

that title could lead you to many places...government nonsense, worldwide panic, money woes...but no, it's a bit more personal but involves the three in a way.

The spouse is on his annual re-enlistment kick. Yep, you read that right. Annual, always around V-Day, always the same routine. Research it, talk about it until I can't stand another word and end up saying "Do it or shut up about it" then it fades away to oblivion for another year.

This year is turning out a bit different though. More like the year that he would have re-enlisted if not for the dumb ass recruiter that kept trying to get him to BMI instead of weight (didn't know the rules apparently). Said recruiter kept telling him "5 more pounds" until the spouse ended up in the ER with bruised kidneys trying to reach that goal (of course it WAS his fault for running 5 miles). Anyway, I digress. The spouse has apparently been thinking about this seriously for some time now, at least since he asked for a raise and got told "I'll think about it" (it should be noted that the driver hired 4 months after the spouse is making more money and doing less work).

The spouse apparently has been to the local recruiter a few times discussing weight, options, duty stations and the like. News to me, but I guess after hearing annually for 5 years to "Do it or shut up about it" he did learn to do just that. He broke the news to me this week that he is officially going to "do it"...we'll see.

Am I worried? Nope, most secure job he could have...Army isn't going to lay him off or let him go because sales drop. Besides, he's a tanker. Frankly I'd rather him be in that big ol' can of steel than a ground grunt, if you know what I mean. I could go through a huge list of questions and comments that we've gotten before, most concerning what would happen to the screamers and myself should the spouse be shipped off to a war zone and killed. My answer to that is always "What any other widow with children would/should do...pull yourself up and live" or "He stands a better chance of being killed now as a delivery driver with no benefits than he does in a tank with benefits". Mom thinks we're crazy to even consider it, so we haven't said a word about it. The spouses' parents haven't a clue. No plans to say a word to anyone in real life until the contract is signed and the spouse is about to head out to WTC.

Besides, don't want to get my hopes up, right? Crazy, you say, to be going along with this. I could list reason upon reason as to why I am and will should it really happen. Would love for it to pan out mainly because being a tanker/military guy is the only job that the spouse has ever had that he loves, truly sincerely loves. The man lights up when he talks about tanks or the Army. He was a born soldier that never should have been taken away from it. I sincerely hope he can drop the weight that needs to go and get back. We were a better married couple for it...put us far from family and we had to learn to depend on each other. A true test of compatibility, in my opinion. Forget eHarmony, you really find out what your partner is made of when you are 3000+ miles from family and either thrive or dive. We thrived.

Keeping the fingers crossed, preppin' for the cold and holding out hope!


d.a. said...

Best possible outcome for you, your spouse, and your entire family.

MeadowLark said...

The military is a special life. A tough one, but hard to understand for those who have never served.

I wish him the best in his attempts to rejoin the brotherhood.


MeadowLark said...

Here's a little motivation for your guy...

Man loses 330 lbs to join (my beloved) Corps. :)

Ozark Momma said...

Thank you both...he's determined.

It's true Meadowlark, those that have never been there just don't understand. We loved it and miss it. I can't rejoin (med discharge, knee issues that won't allow it) so it is all up to the spouse. Thank you for the link, I've sent it on to his email for inspiration!

MiniKat said...

Am I correct in guessing you are located somewhere near good ol' Ft. "Lost in the Woods?"

Ozark Momma said...

You got it MiniKat! We're about 3hrs away from Fort Lost in the Woods (the pet name that the Battle and I used while there). Lovely post, I thought when I wasn't getting my rear stomped in the mud by Drills. Nice steep hills to wear you down too on those 10k marches.

MeadowLark said...

FLW is where I went to Chem-Warfare school and through the live nerve agent chamber.

Fall as very pretty and the trails were great for running, but winter ---- brrrrrrr. Everybody at my unit and when I arrive made fun of me for bringing my cool-guy arctic jacket and mittens. They stopped when the wind-chill hit 25 BELOW!!!!

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