Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thinking on Reusables

You know, the things that you can reuse that we as a culture obviously need education about. Bags, food storage, etc. I've been listening to the older generation a lot in recent months chat about reusing plastic wrap, ziplocs and tin foil (aluminum to the uneducated, lol). I keep meaning to give it a go, though I already reuse ziplocs when I can. I keep forgetting to try it with the tin foil and plastic wrap though, mainly because my plastic wrap is usually crumbled beyond recognition by the time I get it pulled off of whatever.

So I did a little online recon for reusable wraps and bags, as part of the holiday wishlist for the in-laws (they need direction you know) and I willing share with you what I've found and added to the list.

Wrap-N-Mat: cool little wrap style sandwich "bag" that folds out flat like a placemat. Looks super handy. Psst, check out the other stuff in the reusablebag store too. Pretty flippin' neat.

Happy Sacks: The one that started the net search. Caught a bit on CNN earlier today about these that was actually the catalyst to my finally breaking down and doing a search.

Foilers (can also be found here): Intriguing little invention type gadgets that are apparently uber hard to get at the first link (second link has a few instock as I type). These little numbers have actually been around for about 2 years if memory serves, but recently caught the eye of shoppers. Designed to fit a bunch of different sized containers.

The pricing on all of the above seems garish at first, but you have to think (like with any other "reusable") about the amount that you would spend comparably on throw-aways. I'm hoping the in-laws get the message on that, I've been trying for years to convince them that I don't mind reusing things. Hence the cloth diapering. Alas, that boat seems to be very leaky as it departs the harbor.

Now, something I like to call my smartass comment of the day, it is not for everyone and will probably tick off a few, but I just can't help myself:

"These are God's chosen people, eh? No wonder he keeps trying to kill them off. Floods, genocide...you would think they would learn."


d.a. said...

If you're interested, these types of bowl covers are a bit cheaper:


I remember my mom using these. Need to get some!

Stephanie in AR said...

Corell has glass lids for most of their baking dishes so the leftovers are easy to store. They also make a sturdy plastic cover for the cereal bowls - just found two in the set my mil passed down to me. Can't see through them but they look great. This set is at least 15 years old so worth the money.

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