Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Have Decided...

to stress a lot less.  Yeah, there will be stress but I shall "be the duck."  I refuse to let monetary issues cause me more stress than they should.  We're broke (not totally but enough to put a damper on things) but ya know what, we aren't starving...there's a roof over our heads...the kids are alright...and those growing ever useless dollars are still coming in.

I let the stress of money issues get to me entirely too much over the past month and haven't at all been myself completely.  Bills will wait while we get back on track.  We'll live through it.  We have before, we will again.

Since I've decided to let it go and just roll with it, I've been way happier.  Back to planning the garden for this fall and next spring.  Back to picking out chicken breeds and debating cows with Tanker.  Back to pointing out that MY plans for a combined single building (chicken coop, cattle barn, greenhouse) is way more cost efficient and practical than HIS plans for individual buildings.  I'm right.  I know it and you can't change my mind.  ;P

Life is clipping along right now...Tanker goes tomorrow for his final NARSUM (military speak for this is what happened to cause this/that/those injuries so don't go saying that the fella had it beforehand) and according to the new MEB (Medical Evaluation Board) policy it SHOULD be back in 45 days (at least the regs say so, but we all know how that goes).  So we're looking for the final percentage from the Army to come back sometime in September (I see ya doing the math...yes, that's more than 45 days; see above comment about how it really goes).  Good timing as we are set to move in to the new place then.  Works for me.

And now I'm off to attempt a little sleep.  Two days off of work and fighting the urge to call in and quit have wiped me out.

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