Thursday, June 21, 2012

Every Little Bit...

supposedly helps; I've been told.

I don't see it right now...feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming on.  Work is work; 4 and 5 hour shifts that I usually get sent home from about halfway through because they are overmanned.  I swear, if this 1st paycheck breaks $100 I'll be surprised.  Using gas, buying "approved" work shoes...welp, there went that check.

And we're still reeling from being "overpaid" during our move from Germany.  It only took a month for them to get the pay straightened out to begin with while we were forking over tons of cash on things that were supposed to be reimbursed but are now not eligible (Danke, very much).  Then we get the bombshell of "hey, we just realized that we overpaid you almost $700 when we finally paid you all that other back pay and moving expenses stuff and you were supposed to realize it even though we never gave you an exact amount of what to expect to be paid"...yup.  So we dig ourselves out of a debt hole over the past year just to be dumped right back in one...all because of military pay issues.

We'd apply for help from some of these charities that assist military families and Veterans, BUT that route is dangerous.  We can't get a loan from our preferred loan place because Tanker doesn't have enough time left on his contract.  We can't get aide from a lot of the other organizations anyway because 1.) Tanker isn't "hurt enough", 2.) he's still Active Duty, 3.) he has no official VA rating (there is one, we just are not yet allowed to know what it is) or 4.) the debt need isn't "valid" because we've paid the bills that needed paying and the problem lies in a negative bank balance.  So we do what we do best and soldier on.  Man, it's stressful.

The upside is that we saved enough to be able to send in and secure the house and land.  It's not everything that is needed, but it takes it off the market and allows us to have the stress of whether or not it would be sold out from under us gone.  Now to scrape the barrel bottom for the next 2 months and gather the rest while attempting to straighten out the mess we've been handed.  Nothing new...which is kinda sad.

Positive of the day:  The tomatoes, peppers and cukes in the "pot garden" are thriving.  My rescued apple tree and raspberries are finally sprouting new growth.  AND I've not yet killed the carrots.

Such is Life at the Nut House.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

Gotta love military pay. I got shanked out of a month's pay once because of one of THEIR clerical errors, which the took back all at once. One of the very long list of reasons why I have no love for the government...

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