Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh Me Oh My...

I've once again joined the working ranks...part-time, minimum wage...but it's more than I was bringing to the game (aka NADA).  Hopefully what little I bring in will allow us to speed up our game on debt pay-off and getting the homestead going.  Still going to be pinching those pennies though!  I've also added a little linkage to the side over there ---------> to my Etsy shop.  Not much in it right now except some of my photography, but hopefully this fall there will be some warm woolen knits for you to ogle.

Soldier's medical goo has taken on yet another life of its own by being completely restarted.  Good thing the house we found is not too far for daily drives to Post.  Looks like the Army will be paying him full pay for another year while they try to figure out how to reward him for his stint in Afghanistan.  Okay, fine.  In the meantime he's hoping to land a small arms repair internship so he's not just hanging around all day doing nothing.  He's also planning on taking some classes this fall (construction type) while I take my "already paid for thanks to a great scholarship" courses (EMT).

Looks like we're going to be a bit busy until spring...classes, work, clearing out junk/overgrown flowers/fields, moving...yep, busy.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

That is busy! Hope the screamers are pitching in by now : )

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Just keeping their rooms clean until we're out in the new place...the a whole new world of OMG will be thrust upon them! bwahahahahaha

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