Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Is This!?! (x-post)

Depression, PTSD?

I don't know...the "symptoms" are so similar.  I don't know.

Tanker is not himself 90% of the time.  Crowded places were never really his thing but he used to be able to tolerate them...not any more.  He was the look at the bright side kind of guy once...not any more.  He's sharper now, more easily irritated.  He jumps on the kids quicker, is intolerant of loud noises, more withdrawn.  He's tired but can't sleep...the pain is worse on days when he's most withdrawn.

It isn't to the point where I worry about him and the kids when I go to work, but I do worry about him period.  He seems so hopeless now, so uninterested in things and life in general.

I brought up all of this the other day and he just gave me a blank look.  He doesn't really even notice, I think.

What is THIS!?!


Adventures in Self Reliance said...

I know for me getting medically discharged was very difficult to transition to civilian life and I did not see combat and it was a good economy in 2003. You go from having your schedule full and planned to no direction at all.
Plus a lot of it will be the stress of no money, still jumping through hoops for the VA.
I did get help for depression with the VA though I did not need drugs. I needed more to talk out and deal with the Loss/Grief of leaving the Army.
If he can take some positive action even to volunteering if he can't hold a job while disability prevents him doing much. Whatever kind of physical exercise he can tolerate. They have all kinds of free college courses on the internet,to he keep his mind active.
It will take some time for him to find himself again at least it did me.

mmpaints said...

Jess, he might buck you on it but take him to the Doc, he's depressed.

Benjamin Blake said...

Talk to him. Try to cheer him up and pull him out of depression.

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