Thursday, May 13, 2010


article prompted this:

Dear Afghanistan,

I am unwillingly sending you my husband soon. I would like to ask you to care for him but I know you won't. Instead you will make his day to day life miserable and dangerous. You will ask so much from him and give so little in return. Your people with both welcome and condemn him for being there to do what he has been ordered to do. He will be there to help, when you refuse to help yourselves.

You will continue to allow the Taliban bullies to push you to submission while my husband fights back against an enemy you aide. You will continue to complain about the loss of business and the failure of the U.S. (and other NATO countries) to help you build/re-build. You will do little to nothing in order to stand up for yourself, but never man is one of thousands that will and are trying make something more for your children and your future. All the while, we...his family...his wife, his children, his loved ones....will wait to see what our future will be. I do not relish the thought of my husband being in your hands, but I realize that is his job. And until the day it is no longer his job, he will do his best. Because that's the kind of man he is.

Now, there is soooooo much more that I would love to say but I've got a bee in my bonnet on another subject. Cars. Have mercy on my ever-loving opinionated soul but I am sick to death of being screwed around with via car buying.

Honestly, the few people that we've made attempts to purchase from either get us to the point of going to registration then back out or suddenly change their minds/demands/wtf ever and the whole deal falls through. I am sooooooooooo (there aren't enough o's) pissed at this whole situation.

First the prices are horrible for cars that are on their last f'ing want me to pay what for a used, barely working BMW that dates to the '90s? Why, pray tell? Because it's a Beemer and I'm American and you think way more of the car than what it's really worth? Sorry, wrong American...not a sucker thank you very much. I do know how to check the value on the GERMAN market...not the AMERICAN market. Afterall, little soldier we are not in America (though it does feel like it if you don't bother to wander afar from post) and if you would bother to do the same, you would realize that you are asking about $400-600 way too much.

Never fear though, some sap will come along and snap up the car thinking they got a fantastic deal. But that sap won't be me. You see, I'm not afraid of the bus/train system and damn it I'll use it. Might mean an overnighter when appointment time comes for the oldest screamer but so be it. That will still be cheaper than being taken to the cleaners by a crazy soldier selling a junker for twice it's worth.

Okay, crazy rant over for the to put dinner in the oven for the screamers. Apparently I'm starving them to death (p.s. it's only 3:30 p.m. here).

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