Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Good a Time as Any...

to post the mid-year goals. The Spousal Unit is having screamer issues this morning and I'm tired of the volume so I'm escaping here, lol.

On a slightly more serious note, I'm feeling this particular article (h/t to ol' remus) so my sudden desire to have a set of short and longer term goals works well. I know it's coming, it always Empire, no matter how big or small, has ever gone untouched. No Empire has ever completely survived, they mutate and change, dropping into oblivion or becoming something entirely new. It's just the way things work. This Empire is no different.

So, I have some incredibly short term goals and a few longer term ones. Let's start with the short.

1. Have $1k in Euro on hand (cash, not in the bank) by mid June. Doable? Yes, it is. Sure, it is a lot...but no where near what we'd really need should something untoward happen to military pay (like a gov't IOU in the bank instead of cash).

2. Get all the credit cards paid off by end of June (assuming the crash doesn't do that for me). Not much to pay off (less than $500), but want it all paid and not sitting there.

3. Have all the little nagging, annoying things that are bugging me on the car fixed by the end of August. It passed inspection, but there are still a few small things that need to be fixed so that I'm totally comfortable with the whole long distance trip.

4. Be done with furniture purchase/replacement by November. We got rid of A LOT of stuff before the trek overseas...stuff that shouldn't have been hanging around because it was costing more to keep usable than it was worth. So, being that we are soooooo close to IKEA (don't start, it's good stuff) we are rebuilding the house. The only thing really left to get is a dining set, but since I'm making all the above plans and they take precedence the table will wait.

5. LONG term...since a deployment is forthcoming, so is some extra $$ (once again provided any upcoming crash doesn't mean an IOU in the bank). The plan is to stash all of the extra...all of it. If all of the above plans are complete, then there is no reason to need any of that extra for anything. Spousal Unit makes enough without the extra for us to get by and pay bills, so the extra will be just that.

See, simple and easy to achieve...without a market crash that affects the pay. Should there be a crash, well...just like everyone else the struggle will be a big one.


Mayberry said...

Momma, will 1,000 Euro get y'all back across the pond? I would look into that. Check into passage on a freighter, it can be done. Come SHTF, many will probably be transporting more human cargo than anything anyways...

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

No, won't. But it would be a start. I'm not sure that should the SHTF we'd be making a beeline back to the States anyway. There are too many factors to consider to even make that kind of commiment. All of our preps and such are here, with us...we're in a pretty stable area and let's face it, spending precious $$ on a flight to chaos would be a little out there. To be honest, the Spousal Unit and myself haven't even discussed it. Yet.

HermitJim said...

Hope that all the issues get sorted out soon!

Let's hope that some things don't come to pass...but it never hurts to be prepared for ANYTHING !

Ryan said...

Depending on the interest rate consider the credit cards before the euro's. Also I wouldn't worry about a flight across the pond with cash so much. If things are so messed up that you can't use Visa at a major business I can't see a flight working real well.

Good goals.

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