Monday, May 17, 2010


Wow...there's actually a few good posts buried (as in John Wayne style of saying..."burreed") in here somewhere too...but this one is #200. Wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been smacking a little hand away from the screen as I was clicking. Go figure.

Enough drivel...on to some chatter!

Made some nice purchases this weekend, danke to the bi-annual case lot sales that make their way around the military. Grabbed up some extra shampoo and the likes along with laundry detergent and tp...and for the oldest a case of his weakness...Cheez-its. I know, oh so healthy but now I can go grocery shopping begging for Cheez-its!! The sale was semi-decent...lots of diapering stuff like those new Cruisers that have been in the news (which we don't need), paper goods (Charmin, Small Steps, etc.), bathtime stuff (V05 and St. Ives) and detergent (Tide, Gain, Purex, etc)...not much else that we are into though. I think when the next sale rolls around in September I'll make the drive to a bigger post to see what they've got...maybe. I do have to say that I miss the Statesides sales when compared with ours here. As it is, we added to the preps quite well with this sale and will hopefully continue to stumble on some rocking deals.

I do have to give our post Thrift Store some props though. We've picked up a good chunk of "new to us" furniture lately...'tis the season for PCS and everyone is trying to make a little extra $$ with the selling of extra stuff. So we win with great deals on gently used for me as I have no issues with perfectly good furniture that's been a little loved. Besides, we picked up two vintage pieces for practically nothing. Call it Shabby Chic, lol.

And last but not least, you'll be pleased to know that my not-so-obsessive fabric and yarn hoarding will come to good use. I don't have THAT much, but dang it...I've got enough to do a little self-decorating. Self as in making curtains (since they cost an arm and a leg at the PX and I've not yet made an IKEA run) and later this spring/summer the knitting of hats, gloves and neck sweaters (aka scarves) for the screamer and myself. Not that I need them but dang if these kids just won't quit growing on me. I knew saving all that stuff would come in handy, as did buying off-cuts and such from the sale bins at JoAnn's and Wally World (when Wally World still had a semi-decent fabric section). My only downfall is the closest fabric store to me right now is a quilt shop with killer high end fabrics...heaven help the pocketbook if I ever get the guts to go in.

But then, if the Euro continues to tank...I may not need so much help!

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Mayberry said...

Congrats Momma, keep 'em coming. "Shabby Chic", ha ha! I love it.

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