Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More TV to lay on ya....

in the form of a somewhat survivalist mindset...of course.

Out of the Wild : The Alaska Experiment

Have you watched any of this? Just curious what your take on it is. I giggled during the first episode at the decision to take everything offered to them in a pile of 'junk' (I mean please, a ukulele...the strings, yes but the whole thing, no)...in the end they ended up paying for that decision by having way more than they could carry for any decent length...wore them out, made them use up energy that they couldn't spare. Then the decision to take a 'shortcut' over a mountain...um, can we say dumb?

All in all it's been a pretty interesting show so far. A few things that I personally would have done differently (see above for two big ones). If you haven't been watching it, the basis is pretty simple. Nine people get dropped off in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness at the end of fall (ie winter is coming on) and have to hike 60 miles out. Each one has a GPS that they can push to have a helicopter come pick them up when they feel like they've had enough (nice, can I have one of those for TEOTWAWKI?), they were given three days of bush training...blah, blah...basically it's a bunch of city slickers (for the most part) dropped into the super cold Alaskan 'outback'. I've found it a nice study in psychology thus far.

I don't often praise TV shows, but this one I will...let's you get a bit of a different perspective on others ideals of survival, what they are willing to put up with (ie hunger, cold, tiredness, etc), makes you think about what you would do differently and in my case, makes me see areas that I could use some brushing up on, like snares.

Anyway, is there anyone else out there watching it? Has it pointed out anything to you that you didn't realize you weren't trained up on or thinking of?


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Um, can we skip the tv and jest go with the 'laying'???

Bring those Uke strings... might come in useful for binding...

Ozark Momma said...

bwahahahaha....I'd hurt you!

Ace said...


I followed you here from your comments on Mayberry's site :)

I saw this show and love it. The General and I were laughing hysterically about how long it took them to figure out a way to catch the gopher.

Love Survivorman too!

Many Blessings :)

Ozark Momma said...

Welcome Ace!! I'm not as prolific as Mayberry but I aim to entertain (most of the time...well, not really but it does get pretty funny round here sometimes).

I have to agree...love the show and it sure does give me a giggle at least once during the hour!

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