Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah, May Day...

no, not as in Mayday, Mayday we're going down...May Day, ya know, May 1st (I am assuming here that you do of course own a calendar and have some sort of sense of time...don't make me be wrong).

My May Day was lazy. No littles, they are with the 'rents...I hung around the house and puttered about a bit with my container garden. Well, I put dirt in the containers, weeded out the odd seedlings which were not edible and put out some seeds that should have been put out forever and ago. The chill is finally disappearing a bit from the air around here, so I figured it was a safe bet to lower some seeds in the ground...well, the pots at least.

I tend to err on the side of caution with planting in pots...don't want a sudden freeze or something to kill off the roots of those tender little darlings. Figured today was just as good as any for getting a few seeds out. Right now there are just butternut squash and pinto beans out. Though I did get a mite bit adventurous and used some of those 'just add water' peat pot thingiemajigs and set me up a window sill garden of spinach and mesclun...have it set in a nice sunny window, waiting for the sun (lots of rain here abouts the next couple of days). If it starts failing inside, I have a long window box on the balcony it can occupy.

Thinking of getting one of those topsy turvy whatevers for tomatoes. They have a knock-off at Wally World for about $8...including seeds (which I doubt I use since they are probably hybrids...I'll spend a little extra for heritage, thank you much). Trying to talk Pops into giving me the extra bit of leftover trellis he has hidden in the basement so I can build a 'fence' for the cukes and/or beans to climb.

Have I mentioned that all of my gardening this summer is container, on a balcony, in very few pots? Yeah...think I'll go snag a few of the pots Mom has tucked away in the basement. Oh, the balcony is plenty big...but only gets direct sun in the early mornings and afternoon. Might be a bit of a challenge to keep everything growing happy, but I'll sure give it the old college try. I always have the parental unit's garden to raid should I fail miserably. I sincerely hope I do not fail, lol.

Hope your May Day was as relaxing as to enjoy the rolling thunder that is playing a brilliant concerto outside for a bit!!


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you are good to go so far! Nice to know where a raidable garden is, huh?

Just watch out for the rock salt from Dad's shotgun!

madmaddy said...

Is there any chance you will be able to get to the coast? It is a beautiful place. If you do, check out the Newport Aquarium, It was the last place to house Keiko. It has a lot of cool things in it. North of Newport is Depot Bay, it is cute as hell, and a good place to whale watch. Killer salt water taffy too!
mmmm, I can smell the sea already! lol

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'll be interested to know how that tomato gizmo works out...
Glad the weather is at long last cooperating there! I think it a grand idea to go container any and everywhere possible...

Best wishes for the garden, and Bright Blessings upon you, Lady!

Ozark Momma said...

HJ...I'm good, Pop only has the muzzleloaders and hasn't shot them in a good long while. Though I think he might start practicing soon...the screamers are showing interest.

Jen...I don't know if I will...I'd LOVE to, but it all depends on transport and such. I'm all for hiking, but think that particular hike might be a mite long for a week! Could go for some good saltwater taffy though!! too, lol. I didn't get one today but did manage to find some heirloom tomato seeds at a price I could afford. Guess I'll just start a couple and toss them in a pirated pot.

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