Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Bit of Hollyweird...(and other stuff)

that I'm actually excited about....The Road finally has a release date! Woot!

Love the book and so hope that the director/producers/everyone else involved did it justice. For me, it already has one thing in its has Viggo Mortensen starring as The Man. If there is one 'celebrity' I'd love to meet, it's Viggo. But I won't wax poetic on ya, just suffice it to say he rocks. Okay, enough Hollyweird.

The home front...a week to go before the big "I'm outta here for a while" and you bet I'm counting down. No, I'm not packed yet (puh-leeze I am queen procrastinator around here) but I do know what I'm taking. Lots of plans on things to see and do, but naturally I'm keeping things nice and flexible. No sense getting there then stressing out over not getting to do something in particular at a certain is supposed to be a vacation after all.

The screamers are back home and driving me appropriately crazy...along with their father. What's a girl to do? Run screaming into the dark and hide from the monsters!! Nah, I just take it as it comes mostly. They squealed the glories of the peas and butternut squash popping up in the parental units' garden, told me stories of the pumpkin and watermelon plants growing as tall as them (love those imaginations) and regaled me with tales of migrating snapping turtles. They are currently 'relaxing' in the tub (ie splashing around like giant tuna).

Tomorrow is lazy day 'round these parts. The sun is supposedly going to pay a visit, so I may just be the cool mom and take the screamers out on a walkabout. May even get adventurous and walk them into town for a library visit...maybe. It's only two miles...guess I could be cool mom tomorrow. I dunno. Sure, why not. A little library time, lunch at the park, a little playing in the creek then home for what will probably be a much deserved nap for me. It's all about adventure and for the screamers that will be an adventure for sure.

So, adventure it to join us? I promise, my boys don't bite...hard.

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HermitJim said...

Sounds like maybe I would like to go, if it wasn't so far away!

Two miles is just a good stretch of the legs!

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