Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just When I Feel Human Again....

Ma Nature delivers ice and snow.

Finally got the crud the kid brought home outta here and we are trapped!  It's not a bad thing, per se...we've got plenty of eats and such to keep us for quite a bit (as expected) but I'll be darned if just walking down the short but steep drive doesn't make for an ice skating adventure.

The snow is pretty, no doubt...but there honestly isn't as much snow as ice.  Felt a bit Legolas-like walking on top of the snow the past two days.  Temps are supposed to edge up over the next couple of days so hopefully the screamers will return to school on Thursday...the 1.5" of ice covering our road (main road to the marina that has not been touched by road crew folk) is keeping them home...can only imagine what the side roads look like.

Oh and no review on the Wise Foods Chili Mac yet...my poor stomach just wasn't up for it.  Did you get a free sample yet?  Thoughts?

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