Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eerily Quiet....

Apologies for the slight abandonment...

I've been incredibly busy seeking out suitable habitation (size, price, location, etc).  And it has been one heck of a challenge.  So many emails sent out, so few returned.  You don't know a challenge until you attempt to find a place that accepts two not small dogs.  I ranted all over my FB but spared you hear enough rants from my strangely wired brain.

At any rate, challenge beat.

We found a place that will suit us quite well.  Location is pretty well perfect, price perfect, size alright.  We'll be downsizing a bit but honestly we're all good with it.  We've acquired more crap, of course, again.  Space will be at a premium, so there will be no room for stuff that is useless.

All of that being said, I'm excited to be moving "home."  It's the area that both Tanker and I were raised in; an area that we know very well.  Very well.

Now, lack of space (not in a bad way, seriously, we like the downsize aspect) in the new place (sleeping areas only really) is leading me to look at food storage a bit differently right now.  We're looking at freeze dried meals and the likes....trying to decide which to go suggestions would be most welcome here as the bulk of our experience is with MRE's and the couple of Mountain House meals we tried a gazillion years ago (purchased in the Wally World camping section).

Who do you like?  Flavor, cost, value?

Throw it at me!

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