Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well Don't That Just Beat It All....

The other morning I was chatting with Mother Dearest and mentioned that we needed to separate out our New Zealand rabbits because I thought we had one of each vs two does but I didn't think they were old enough to breed.  Literally 10 minutes later I walk out to check food and water...guess what?

I was right AND wrong.  Oh yeah...there is one of each.  Oh no....they are old enough to breed.

Eight (EIGHT) little, wiggly white kits in the bed box.

Separation now complete.

Now, I guess I'll be moving Momma Bunny (aka Susan) and the kits with to what to do with every one flippin' clue.  First step is to double check everyone else and make sure the he's are he and the she's are she.  Although we already know for sure about "Suzette" and yes, he is now named A Boy Named Sue.  Thanks Sue....our rabbit population tripled overnight.

Not a bad thing IF we weren't going to be packing house and changing States in the next 45 or so days.  I guess the upside is that I know we'll have meat to stock the freezer with.  Thank goodness we've got the hutches for it!

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kurtrer said...

ewwwww........gross. No rabbit meat for me.

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