Friday, June 21, 2013


Your first option becomes your only option and turns out to have been the best option all along.

At least that is the hope we carry along to KY on our scouting trip.  It's been very difficult to find properties where the owner is open to lease purchase.  The first place we stumbled on happens to be one of those places with a VERY good deal on the lease (% down, % of monthly going toward purchase price and availability).  Said owner has at least two properties that fit our needs, possibly three.

All three properties are within driving distance of the School for the Deaf (yes, it will be needed for the eldest screamer) as well as a technical college and two 'regular' colleges (for me and Tanker).  They're also within walking and/or driving distance to some most excellent fishing.  They are NOT in city limits, they have room to run and grow a garden.  The hardest part will be deciding between the 2/3 as all of them have what we want AND are in our price range.

Hence the trip.

In person judgement with no real worries about vague answers (aka current landlady) about the condition of the home because....THEY'RE NEW.  Yup, I can totally handle that.

So here's to the scouting trip....may it turn into a 'keys to a NEW home' trip.

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