Thursday, January 10, 2013

So Long...Farewell....

no, no...not you!

Said 'Adios' to ALL of our credit card debt...put the cards AWAY (i.e. I remember where they are right three days, probably not so much)...and have absolutely no intentions of using them unless the purchase can be paid within a week of being made.  There will be no more balances carried, no more cards carried.  Any purchases to be made with them will require pulling the cards out from their hiding spots.  That means no more impulse buys on credit.  Went from 5 cards to 3...none with a limit that would require more than my paycheck to pay off if maxed out.  Good deal.

Also paid some extra on the principal on both vehicles...our new budget has extra wiggle room that we've not been privy to previously, so can be done with little effect on the bottom line there (but the bottom line on those loans are shrinking nicely).  The extra wiggle room is also allowing us to make some much needed improvements here at the 'Stead...especially important as we have decided moving back to KY is not really what we want.  We're good here, with wonderful neighbors and the most excellent school the kids could have.

And bonus:  A few of my feathered ladies have begun being the lone female banty I have but she's so darling and lovable I'll forgive her the tiny eggs, lol.

Off to sleep now...these overnights, though I love the folks I work with, are really messing with my sleep!

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