Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Toys...

got some in the mail today and they are simply superb.  They're preps that I've wanted for a good long time.  I've never, ever in my life held something quite so lovingly made and perfectly balanced as this:

Honey Gatherer (for me)

and this:

Blood Kukri (for Tanker)

Ernie (his blog, Bunker Index, is over there in the blog link section btw) has a gift.  Words simply cannot describe it, so I won't try.  Let me just say that if you ever find yourself wanting a piece of useful art...hit up Ernie.  It is worth every single penny.

Now, onto other stuff....I have dancing eggs.  Yep, a smattering of dancing eggs in the incubator right now.  They're set to hatch on my birthday or as everyone else knows it, Thursday.  So hoping for a decent hatch, but understand that this being my first time incubating casualties are to be expected.

If all goes well...peep pictures will be coming soon.

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