Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Checking In...

Figured I'd let you know we're still kicking here.  School and work are on hold for me due to a random tendons injury that needs time to heal.

Still waiting on Tanker's orders and the pay that will give us the jump start we so desperately want and need before election time...just feel the need to be sure we will be alright this winter....mainly because we've both lost faith in humanity in general.

Hope all is well in the blogosphere...will be working hard here to get things moving along so won't be around as much.

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Craig Cavanaugh said...

Lost faith in humanity in general...

I feel ya. Though I did get a jaw dropping (in a small way) outpouring of generosity this summer, yes, my faith in "humanity" is about zero. There are small pockets of good folks out there, but they represent a tiny percentage. For the most part, "humanity" is a greedy, self centered, egotistical bunch who wouldn't lift a finger to help their own kin, much less a stranger. Gimme gimme gimme is all they know. Because they "deserve" it. The welfare mentality, which goes all the way up to the "too big to fail" corporate level. Ugh... Just.... Ugh.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke